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5 Most Popular Sports Betting Events in 2018

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How to Start Betting on Sports Online

If you’re outside the U.S., a simple guide on how to register in 1xBet can help you to open an account in seconds. Once you deposit cash, feel free to browse available markets and place desired bets.

Now that you know how to start playing let’s take a look at the most popular sports betting events in 2018.

1. Super Bowl LII

The 52nd edition of the NFL Finals once again had an amazing rating among TV viewers. But what is surprising is that it attracted more sports bettors than ever before.

There is no information on total statistics, but almost $160 million was placed on bets only in Nevada.

2. NCAA March Madness

Can you believe that NCAA basketball is higher on the list than NBA Finals? March Madness is the time when hoop fans across the entire country go crazy.

In 2018, it was a crazy time for betting enthusiasts, too. Some estimations speak about $10 billion invested by players during the March Madness, although most of it was illegal betting.

It was Villanova Wildcats who won the championship by beating Michigan Wolverines in the final game. A relatively expected outcome of the final may have been good news for the bettors out there.

3. Kentucky Derby

Horseracing is incredibly enticing for betting fans, and you won’t find a more prestigious event than Kentucky Derby.

There was no rain or bad weather that could ruin the experience for the spectators present at the venue. Those that wagered on the favorite had reasons to be happy after the race, too. It is interesting to note that 2018 was the sixth year in a row that the favorite won. This year, however, the champion was crowned after the initial winner was disqualified. And if you can’t attend the race, you can share the fun on one of these great betting sites.

4. Soccer World Cup

If we are talking about a competition, there is no doubt that the World Cup in soccer attracted huge attention. It is a shame that England missed appearing in the finals as Croatia eliminated them in the semifinals.

That made France clear favorite in the championship match, which caused somewhat less interest from the bettors. Regardless, millions were also placed across the country on the final event, and most of the players were probably happy when France won.

5. Wimbledon

It seems that tennis will remain incredibly attractive for watching as long as Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nada, and Roger Federer are on the court. That was the case in the last year’s Wimbledon, which had many marathon matches. Some examples include Anderson’s win over Isner in a match that lasted six hours and 36 minutes, as well as the Djokovic-Nadal clash in the semis which ended 10-8 in the final set.