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Four Major Predictions for the NBA 2019/2020 Season

Although it has only been several days since Toronto Raptors were crowned champions, we are already looking forward to the NBA 2019/2020 season. If you are an NBA fan or an agent that is a part of the basketball business, you may be interested in reading predictions related to the upcoming season. Here are some of the major things that could happen to stir things up in the league.

Will Lakers Win the Championship?

It turns out that having LeBron James isn’t enough. The Lakers haven’t even reached the playoffs, and it seems that things were only going downhill throughout the season.

Things need to and will change this summer because they need to use LeBron James before he retires. That is why they acquired Anthony Davis, but that is not where the team from LA will stop. We already have rumors that Kemba Walker will join the Lakers, too, but it is another gossip that attracts everyone’s attention.

If the LA team managed to acquire Kawhi Leonard, they would become major contenders immediately. It doesn’t seem likely to happen, but if it does, you’ve seen it here first!

Where Will Kawhi Leonard Go?

It sounds difficult to believe that Leonard would join the Lakers only to be the King’s follower. He already deserves the title of the King himself since he took Raptors to the title.

Now that his contract is expiring, he is free to choose where to continue his career. More than a dozen teams are interested in his service, including Clippers, New York, Pelicans, etc.

There is also a chance Leonard stays in Toronto. In that case, there is no reason why the Raptors shouldn’t win the second title in a row.

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No More Warriors Dynasty?

The Finals couldn’t have been worse for Golden State Warriors. They lost the title, and two of their major players suffered long-term injuries. Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson may be out for the entire next season, but the franchise will still offer them new contracts.

While that is a great gesture, it also means that Warriors will likely have problems reaching the playoffs. Their only chance seems to be an earlier recovery of Thompson and Durant.

Can Denver Find a Way to Land Another Star?

The Nuggets can thank impressive scouting and luck for Nikola Jokic. The playmaker in a center’s body has led the team to conference semifinals virtually by himself. If they are considering taking the next step, Denver needs to find a way to land another star.

That sounds difficult to achieve since the market is small, and Colorado isn’t the most popular destination in the NBA. However, Jokic made it more attractive, but can that be enough to land Kyrie Irving or another superb player?

Whatever happens during the offseason, we will surely be in a ride filled with thrill and excitement. That is what the NBA is all about, and that is why we can’t wait for October and the new season to start.