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Darren Heitner - Founder/Chief Editor

Darren Adam Heitner, Esq. is an attorney based in the State of Florida, who is licensed to practice on the state and federal level, and focuses on sports, entertainment, and intellectual property litigation and transactional work. He is the Founder/CEO of DYNASTY DEALINGS, LLC, Professor of Sport Agency Management at Indiana University Bloomington, and the Founder/Chief Editor of Sports Agent Blog, a leading niche industry publication. Darren is regularly interviewed on major sports radio programs and television shows, he has written pieces that have been featured in various top sports publications, and has spoken at/moderated sports discussions at institutions of higher education. He is a regular panelist on CBS West Palm Beach’s “Beyond the Game.” In 2010, Darren was named to Miami, Florida’s Power 30 Under 30 in the Sports category along with the MLB’s Hanley Ramirez, NBA’s Udonis Haslem, and NFL’s Ronnie Brown. In 2012, Darren was chosen as a Florida Legal Elite Up and Comer for 2012 (top attorneys in Florida under 40 years of age).

Darren is the author of How to Play the Game: What Every Sports Attorney Needs to Know (published by the American Bar Association), Contributing Writer of An Athlete’s Guide to Agents, 5th Edition , author of a Dartmouth Law Journal article titled, Duties of Sports Agents to Athletes and Statutory Regulation Thereof, author of a Gaming Law Review and Economics article titled, The Plight of PASPA: It’s Time to Pull the Plug on the Prohibition, co-author of a Harvard Journal of Sports and Entertainment Law article titled, Corking the Cam Newton Loophole, a Sweeping Suggestion, author of a NYU School of Law IP and Entertainment Law Ledger article titled, You May Not “Like” This Title: Everything Stored On Facebook Is Discoverable, co-author of a New York State Bar Association Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law Journal article titled, Have Some Standards: How the Sports Agent Profession Should Be Effectively Regulated, co-author of a Virginia Sports & Entertainment Law Journal article titled, In Baseball’s Best Interest?: A Discussion of the October 2010 MLBPA Regulations Governing Player Agents, co-author of a Pace Intellectual Property Sports & Entertainment Law Forum article titled, Football v. Football: A Comparison of Agent Regulation in France’s Ligue 1 and the National Football League, author of two DePaul Journal of Sports Law & Contemporary Problems articles titled, Money and Sports: Economic Realities of Being An Athlete and Pain in the Head: The Official Helmet Company of the NFL’s Potential Liability in the Concussion Lawsuits, co-author of a New York State Bar Association Journal article titled, Made for Each Other: Social Media and Litigation, co-author of Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law at Arizona State University Sports and Entertainment Law Journal article titled, An Offer They Should Refuse: Why Conflicts of Interest Raised by Dual Representation among Player Agents is a Major Threat to the NCAA and Professional Leagues, and co-author of a Fall 2013 Marquette Sports Law Review article titled, Jay Z Has 99 Problems, and Being a Sports Agent May Be One.

Darren has a Bachelors of Arts from the University of Florida and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the same institution, where he served two terms as the President of the Entertainment and Sports Law Society and Chair of the popular UF Sports Law Symposium. He is also the Public Relations Director of the National Sports and Entertainment Law Society and Associate Executive Director of the Jewish Coaches Association.

Darren is a member of many prestigious Honors Societies including Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Kappa Phi, and Florida Blue Key.

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Chris Lesley

International Issues

Chris began contributing to the blog in November 2006. Being the only contributor outside of the United States, Chris makes the blog a global source for sports agent news. He graduated from Deakin University in 2005 with a Degree in Commerce. At Deakin, he majored in Sports Management, which is the most respected Sports Management program in Australia.

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Mark Burns

Mark Burns is currently a third year law student at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.  Mark serves as an Operations Intern in the Belmont Athletic Department, assisting with men’s and women’s basketball games along with women’s volleyball matches.

He recently helped plan and execute the 8th Annual Ivy Sports Symposium at Harvard Law School; he is now in the process of planning the first Global Sports Symposium set to take place on May 15, 2014 in London, England.

Mark has interned with a variety of organizations including the Nashville Predators, Leverage Agency, Elite Talent Agency, Movement Talent Agency, and the Central Collegiate Hockey Association.

Mark was recently named a 2013 “30 Under 30″ Award Recipient (Sports Launch Magazine) in addition to being named A Rising Star In #SportsBiz for 2013 ( In 2013, The Migala Report named Mark a Twitter ‘Must Follow’ for #SportsBiz Job Advice.

Mark graduated from the University of Michigan in 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History; he doubled minor in Political Science and Crime and Justice.

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Benjamin C. Haynes

Benjamin C. Haynes currently owns his own law firm where he practices various types of law in Florida. Haynes graduated from Oral Roberts University in 2008, where he played on the varsity basketball team. During his time at ORU, Ben participated in two NCAA tournaments.

After ORU, Haynes attended law school at Florida Coastal School of law where he obtained his law degree as well as a certification in sports law. Ben has extensive experience in real estate law, sports and entertainment law, intellectual property, and commercial litigation. Ben also has extensive experience with criminal and civil appeals. In fact, this last year Ben filed a Writ of Certiorari with the United States Supreme Court.

Benjamin is an author for and frequently co-authors articles for Forbes with Sportsagentblog’s owner, Darren Heitner. Please visit his website at for further information on his experience and law firm.

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Jason Karpel

MMA News and Issues

Jason Karpel is a licensed attorney based in the state of Arizona. Jason is the CEO of Elite Management Group based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Jason is also an associate attorney for The Pigeon Law firm in Phoenix, Arizona where he concentrates his efforts on criminal law, business law, commercial and criminal litigation, as well as sports and entertainment matters.

Jason has a Bachelors of Arts from Arizona State University and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from Phoenix School of Law, where he served two terms as the Treasurer of the Jewish Lawyers Association and served one term as a member of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society.

Jason Co-Authored a New York State Bar Association Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law Journal article titled “Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy: The Developing Legal Case Against High School Football”.

Jason is a member of the Arizona State Bar Association, Jewish Lawyers Association, and the Arizona Trial Lawyers Association.

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D’Bria Bradshaw

D’Bria Bradshaw is currently a first year law student at Charlotte School of Law in Charlotte, North Carolina. D’Bria serves as the personal assistant to ESPN Analyst Jay Williams, managing his day to day.

She recently founded a non profit organization D.E.B.S. Foundation that awards scholarships to college students that are Defying Every Boundary Scholastically.

D’Bria has interned with a variety of organizations including the UCF Athletics Association, NCAA March Madness, & Leverage Agency.

D’Bria graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies, specialization in sports and entertainment law and minor in theDeVos Undergraduate Sport Business Management Program.

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Brandon Thorn

NFL-Related Content

Brandon Thorn is currently serving in the United States Air Force as an E-5/Staff Sergeant. He has been on two combat deployments to Iraq and is serving a six year enlistment on active duty. Aside from his job as a Security Forces member in the Air Force, Brandon goes to school at American Military University in pursuit of his CCAF degree in Criminal Justice. Throughout his life, Brandon has always been captivated by NFL players and teams, none more so then his beloved Denver Broncos. Over the years he has read many books on current and past NFL icons such as Dan Rooney, John Elway, Walter Payton, Johnny Unitas, and Ernie Accorsi. His passion for the game and insight on the players in it is rare and he will be a die hard fan of The League forever.

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