The Canadian Football League – Continued

Am I boring you yet? I hope not. One thing is for sure, I've enjoyed the chance to blog about my passion. This is a great forum and Darren (the other one) is doing some fantastic work building this community of people who share the same passion for player representation, allowing

Chasing the Client

Here are my three key steps for gaining business. Follow them if you wish, or totally ignore them.... Before you get all excited, there are many more steps to the process. I can’t give away all of the trade secrets, but these three steps are the three most pivotal steps in

Representation in The CFL

After getting put into my place for being a small time agent who represents clients in the CFL, I decided to focus on that very league… Here’s the Canadian Football league in a nutshell: - 8 teams, with 42 active players per team. - Half of the players on each roster are Canadian,

What We Really Learnt From Jerry Maguire

Can an agent blog really exist without a story that relates back to Jerry Maguire? I didn't think so and decided to break in the blog with some inspirational words from the most famous agent to ever hit the big screen. First off, does it seem like every big time football

The First Client

The First Client You've convinced yourself that you want to be an agent and are ready to enter the market. How do you go about getting your first client? Hold on; let me change that to, How do you go about selecting your first client? The key word: selecting. No matter how

Want to be like Drew

Growing up in the 80's most kids were at the local park singing the hit jingle made famous by Gatorade “Want to be like Mike". Every child who ever picked up a glove, bat, stick, or ball of any sort had dreams of hitting the winning homerun or scoring the