Drugs and Sport – Why It’s Not Worth It

Whether it is a performance-enhancing drug or recreational drug, doping in sport is frowned upon and dealt with very seriously. One of my former tutors at King’s College, Jonathan Taylor, was one of the lawyers at the tribunal for Martina Hingis' trial. She had tested positive for cocaine and the

The Real World Of Soccer

Real Madrid Summer Purchases Ronaldo - £80 million Kaka – £56 million Benzema - £30 million Albiol - £12 million Manchester City Summer Purchases Santa-Cruz - £18 million Tevez- £25 million Adebayor - £25 million Barry - £12 million These are the transfers that have knocked the wind out of the summer transfer window in European soccer. In an economic

Can the Saints be Saved?

Those who know me will be aware that I am an avid supporter of Arsenal FC. However I cannot help but feel a little disturbed by the goings on at Southampton FC. Being a graduate of the University of Southampton, there is a little place in my heart for the

Match-Fixing Rears Its Ugly Head Again in Soccer

Less than three years after the 2006 Italian match-fixing scandal, UEFA has charged a Macedonian club with "manipulating the outcome of a UEFA match to gain undue advantage for themselves and a third party". The charge dates back to a Champions League qualifying match in 2004 between alleged match-fixers FK

Blatter’s ‘6+5’ rule is not illegal…?

In November 2007 I wrote my first article for Sports Agent Blog (Blatter Seeks New Rules Regarding ‘Home-Grown’ Players). I shared my opinion on whether any 'nationality restrictions' in European soccer would be legal under European Union law. My conclusion was that such restrictions would most certainly be illegal. Fifteen months

Whose ball is it?

'It's not a catch if you drop the ball' Have you ever wondered who owns the baseball caught by a member of the crowd after a player scores a home-run? The ball heads for the stand, a mêlée ensues, and eventually one lucky person gets his hands on the ball before

Broadcasting – Listed Sporting Events

In the UK, 'listed sporting events' are those that must be made available for the general public to view on terrestrial television free of charge. Rival broadcasters can compete with one another for the right to broadcast the event on their channel (the rights will generally go to the highest

Do Exclusive Sponsors and Marketers of Sporting Events Get Value for Money?

Definitions of the word ‘exclusive’ include ‘sole’, ‘complete’, ‘undivided’, ‘full’, ‘inimitable’ and ‘absolute’. Inherent in the meaning of ‘exclusive sponsorship’ is an (official) association with a sporting event, by an organization, at the exclusion of other organizations. Organizations that wish to obtain such affiliation with sporting events generally have