Carm And Get ‘Em

New York Knicks fans; be careful what you wish for. The past 48 hours in the NBA have been dominated by the Carmelo Anthony trade to the New York Knicks, and rightfully so. Despite all the Knicks gave up, this move HAD to be made and was a

Your MLB Playoffs Preview

The leaves are falling, Halloween is around the corner, and the MLB playoffs are officially upon us. After 162 games, eight teams have separated themselves from the pack and emerged as World Series contenders. Two divisions and both wild cards needed that 162nd game to decide the winner, but

A Sport, or Not a Sport…That is the Question!

What if I told you that one sport accounts for 65% of all catastrophic injuries in girls' high school athletics, and that 67% of female athlete injuries at the college level are due to mishaps in this same sport as well?  While Basketball, Soccer, Field Hockey or other physically demanding