Some sports agents are in the public spotlight more than their clients

It seems as though prominent sports agent Leigh Steinberg is always in the news. Unfortunately, lately it hasn't been because he signed another top rated quarterback. With his admitted battle with alcoholism, Steinberg recently had another run-in with the law. This time, he was arrested on suspicion of being

Graphic Artist Representation

I have some exciting news to report. Yesterday, I became an agent after I signed my first client. Most of you are probably wondering what sport my client plays (as I am writing on the SportsAgentBlog). It's definitely not what most of you would expect. My first client

What would you do…? (#5)

As we get deeper into the NFL offseason, you will hear more and more chatter about free agency, franchise tags, and the like. This time of year is when agents make their mark on behalf of their clients. At the end of the day, an agent is judged on the

What would you do…? (#4)

I apologize for the hiatus, but I hope to deliver an exciting hypo for everybody to discuss in the fourth edition of this column. One of your clients is a starting QB in the NFL. We will call him Willie Smoke. Willie is a third-year player who led his