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School Is in Session

It may be the off season, but some NFL players are stilling putting in hours.  Almost 100 NFL players enrolled in the 2009 NFL Business Management and Entrepreneurial Program, part of the NFL and the NFLPA’s efforts to prepare players for their post-playing careers.  Since the program’s inception in 2005, over 400 players have participated […]

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Update on the Pirates’ Indian Hurlers

Back in November, I wrote about the Pittsburgh Pirates global recruiting effort, especially the pickup of Rinku Singh and Dinesh Patel, contestants in India’s “Million Dollar Arm” reality TV contest.  While their future within the Pirates’ organization is still unknown, Darren Rovell reported on Monday with updates to their story.  When I mentioned last time […]

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Calling All Juniors

In 2006, the NFLPA banned certified agents from contacting underclassmen until they had finished their junior year.  This was largely in response to the reports that Reggie Bush, then star running back for USC, had received illegal benefits during his junior season.  But it now seems that the players’ union may repeal or alter this […]

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Twackle…The Sports Fan’s Twitter

It hasn’t even been a year since mega-agency Octagon brought in Jim DeLorenzo to run the newly created Octagon Digital division, but they are already making moves to establish their presence in the digital media and social-networking worlds.  The company has launched, an aggregation engine for sports-related material on Twitter.  By using your Twitter […]

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BDA Loses Agent to WMG

Lindsay Kagawa, who less than a year ago took the helm of BDA‘s Women’s Elite Division, has decided to leave Bill Duffy and join the team at Wasserman Media Group.  Sports Business Daily reported Kagawa’s switch yesterday.  BDA promoted her to the head of the Women’s Elite Division after she spent five years as Duffy’s […]

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From the Gridiron to the Golden Globes….Maybe

Do you remember the days when guys like Jim Brown and Carl Weathers brought their NFL toughness to the big screen?  Well I don’t, because I’m too young, but that’s beside the point.  I still enjoy watching Carl Weathers and Stallone go at it every time I watch the Rocky series, which is on marathon-style […]

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That’s right…The Business of Sports School.  This new high school created by the New York City Department of Education will open its doors in September to 81 students, in an effort to teach the business of sports with an emphasis on making it in the real world.  Students will also take normal courses like math […]

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Less Money…Moore Golf

This might be a first in the annals of modern sport.  Ryan Moore, who placed 6th in last week’s FBR Open, has entered the new season void of any sponsorships.  If anyone caught part of that tournament you could have seen Moore rocking a pair of Puma shoes with spikes attached, a tie, and a […]

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Who Wouldn’t Sponsor the MVP?

The answer to that question gets a little bit blurry when you start talking about the newly crowned Superbowl XLIII MVP, Santonio Holmes.  Sports Business Daily reported that Holmes’ history, which is marked by several criminal incidences, may make it difficult for sponsors to get behind the Pittsburgh Steeler WR. Here is a brief re-cap […]