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June 25, 2009 /

It’s been some time since I’ve last posted an article, but this couldn’t have been a better time for me to vent. In light of the recent happenings with athletes…

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March 13, 2009 /
February 13, 2009 /

With Manny still left unsigned, it’s time to take a closer look at his agent’s actions. It’s very well known that Boras was looking for a contract of 4 years…

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February 5, 2009 /
January 13, 2009 /

As our country deepens into a recession, we are now seeing how the poor economy is affecting the sports industry, firsthand. The NBA has laid people off, the NFL just…

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January 7, 2009 /
December 3, 2008 /
November 20, 2008 /

There has been some talk recently that the MLBPA is suggesting or pressuring C.C. Sabathia to accept the Yankees offer of 6 years and $140 million. For the MLBPA to…

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November 12, 2008 /
November 6, 2008 /

The Oakland Raiders made an Oakland Raiders type move. They released pro bowl cornerback DeAngelo Hall. This off-season the Raiders traded a 2nd and 5th round draft pick, then inked…

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