Bacardi deal with NBA will not be wasted

The NBA’s foray into the spirits sponsorship category will not only have a big effect on the league and its teams, but it will also mean changes for the other three major leagues in the near future, as well. The league’s three-year, seven-figure deal with Bacardi will include TNT playoff coverage,

Interview With The Athlete: David Carr

David Carr knows the peak of the agent business. The former NFL number one overall draft pick from 2002 had almost every agent seeking his business when he came out of Fresno State. He has stuck with one agent his entire career (Mike Sullivan), but also hired a business manager.

Vaccaro Questions NCAA’s Judgment

The NCAA’s agenda in certain situations involving schools and athletes is certainly questionable. Grassroots basketball enthusiast Sonny Vaccaro made some interesting points recently in an interview with Henry Abbot here. On the topic of Derrick Rose and the wins vacated from Memphis, it is possible the NCAA came down hard on the

Marshall’s Protests are Smarter Than You Think

The Brandon Marshall saga has tabbed the unruly pass catcher as just another troublesome wide receiver. Just add him to the list of the NFL’s recent malcontents: Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco, Keyshawn Johnson, Deion Branch, Jerry Porter, and even in his short time in the league, Michael Crabtree, among others. While he

Social Media Use Risks Come with Benefits

Shaquille O’Neal is a great promoter. And in this day and age, is it incredibly easy to make one’s self visible through the use of social media. Sometimes, though, there are pitfalls (in addition to the downsides of releasing contract terms) of using these outlets. Such is the case of O’Neal, for

Boras Pulling Out All the Tricks for Strasburg

Scott Boras has started to put on a show in an effort to pull some leverage out of his hat for Stephen Strasburg’s contract. Boras is wisely positioning the righty from San Diego State as the next best thing since sliced bread—or Mark Prior, for whom the super-agent negotiated the current