Interview With The Agent: Max Eppel

Sports Agent Interview: with Samyr Laine Agent: Max Eppel Agency: Max Eppel Soccer Agency LLC Questions: 1.) How did you get started in this industry? I qualified in England as a barrister (Lawyer) in 2002 but knew that while it wasn't going to be the career I ended up in it could be a

Seattle’s RoY

As early as it is into the 2007-2008 NBA season I'm going to 'go out on a limb' and make my pick for this season's Rookie of the Year. I know the title of this post sort of gives things away; and while I'd love to be controversial and say

Surging Super Chargers

With Tuesday's trade for Chris Chambers and their performance these last couple weeks, it seems that the San Diego Chargers are trying to get back on track...not that they're back on track just yet. Let me preface this by saying that I agree 100% with Paul's September post touching on

And The Oscar Goes To…

...Marion Jones! For years now Marion Jones has been denying allegations that she had some chemical assistance in her 5 medal Olympic campaign 7 years ago in Sydney and boy did she have people fooled; excluding myself of course. I was a huge fan of hers, but the facts spoke

Olympic Sports Getting Some Love

It is quite likely that the majority of readers have not been tuning into the Versus television network as of late to catch the IAAF World Track and Field Championships being held in Osaka, Japan this week. That aside, the fact that the coverage even exists, and happens to be

Welcoming a New “Mid-Major”

Mid-majors, or those agencies that lie somewhere between a small, young boutique firm manned by one or two rookie agents and the industry giants that tend to frequently be the talk of the town (IMG, Wasserman Media Group, Blue Equity, Octagon, etc.) seem to be pervasive in the industry. In

Saying Adieu to Freddy Adu

Now if there’s one Major League Soccer player that it is fair to say that a large percentage of even Americans have heard of, aside from Mr. Beckham of course, it’s got to be Freddy Adu. In fact, the impact that Freddy had on the fan turnout at DC United