Ticket Sales And The Business Of The NFL

The following is a guest contribution by Zakari A. Kurtz, Esq. Zak received his undergraduate degree from Roanoke College and his J.D. from Michigan State University. Zak is licensed to practice law in New York. With only eight home games for each NFL team, tickets can be scarce and the laws of supply

CrowdSeats Opens to New York City Market

Crowd Seats, the first Daily Deals site for Sports Tickets, has launched its first deal in New York City.  The launch represents the second market for the sports-centered daily deals site.  To kickoff the NYC Market, Crowd Seats is offering discounted tickets to the Rutgers vs Army Football Game at

SLA & NSELS Night @ The Palace

The National Sports and Entertainment Law Society (NSELS) and the Sports Lawyers Association (SLA) are co-sponsoring a Pistons-Cavs game networking opportunity. Take advantage of this great opportunity to network with sports & entertainment lawyers from around the Detroit, Michigan area and speak to business and legal professionals from the Pistons!

Study Sports Law Abroad This Summer

The weather in East Lansing, MI has been around 20 degrees or under for what seems to be forever now. Every time I step outside of my house to go to the law library or to walk my dog I tell myself that spring and summer are right around the