Agent Spotlight: Happy Walters

rogue sports

I have not covered Happy Walters all that much on this website.  Other than really loving his first name, I never have come across anything all that newsworthy.  But that does not mean that the sports agent (amongst many other professional titles) is not a spectacular human being.  In fact, after receiving a rundown about…
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Gary Wichard Is On Freaking Fire

pro tect management

When you hear the term “football agent”, you most likely conjure up images of Drew Rosenhaus, Tom Condon, or Leigh Steinberg.  Why not Gary Wichard?  Wichard is the man behind Pro Tect Management, a company that may not be heard about much in the media, but already has a very impressive client list.  I’m also…
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Agent Spotlight: Darek Braunecker


If you want to look at hotbeds for young baseball talent, the first places you will look at California, Florida, and Texas.  They are heavily populated, warm weather states, with traditionally strong high school and college programs.  However, there is also a lot of competition amongst agents in those states, trying to secure the rights…
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Agent Spotlight: Ron Salcer

Ron Salcer

“A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do,” John Wayne’s character mused in the 1939 film, “Stagecoach”. In Ron Salcer’s case, that means taking on zealous fans, the local media, even crooked executives, all in order to defend his principles. Salcer, who runs Icy Luck, Inc. out of Manhattan Beach, CA, represents…
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Agent Spotlight: Kyle Rote Jr.

Kyle Rote Jr. is a man who has lived a very full life.  He is currently in his late 50s, but as a young child, was probably heavily influenced by his father, who once played for the New York Giants.  A lot of people talk about athleticism running in a family.  The Rote family may…
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Agent Spotlight: Ben Dogra

While a law student in 1993 at St. Louis University, Ben Dogra, now 43, interned for free with Jim Steiner of SFX Football (then SMG). Dogra would later call Steiner his mentor, but in time, some began to wonder who was teaching what to whom. By 2006, Dogra and Steiner sold SFX Football (which was…
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Agent Spotlight: Carlos Fleming

A former top-ranked college player in the early 90s for the University of Kansas, Carlos Fleming hung up his racket after a short-lived professional career, and wondered, what now? Returning to his hometown in Cleveland, Fleming enrolled in a JD/MBA program at Case Western, and also sought any opportunity he could to meet people associated…
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Agent Spotlight: Albert Thomas

Minister and prison guard by day, Albert Thomas, 48 years old, is a sports agent by night. Oh, and he’s a full-time father of five, and husband to boot. Comic book hero? Nope. Just one man who didn’t like what he saw was happening, and decided to take action. While watching his cousin’s grandson, Kwynn…
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Agent Spotlight: Hugh Dodson

The landscape of sports and entertainment management can change quickly, but it’s precisely this fluidity and competitive environment of consolidation and adventure that ensures its longevity, while also identifying the leaders and visionaries of tomorrow. Take Hugh Dodson, for instance. Dodson had been chief operating officer and chief financial officer of The Gersh Agency in…
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Agent Spotlight: Lindsay Kagawa

In a recent piece on Lindsay Kagawa (“Sports agent no devil, but wears Prada”), head of the newly created Women’s Elite Division for Bill Duffy’s BDA Sports, columnist Marcus Thompson II seems to fawn, just a little: “Kagawa, an Albany native, is what they call a postmodern businesswoman, the smoothie you’d get by mixing Ellen…
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