A Look At Arena Football League Letter Of Intent Provided To Players

Letters of intent (also known as LOIs) are often used as precursors to final long-form agreements.  They typically contain material elements that the parties agree to with clear divisions between binding and non-binding provisions contained therein.  It allows the parties to put something down on paper and move forward with

Arena Football League Players Union Criticized For Withholding Information From Player Agents

The Standard Player Contract provided to players who will play in the Arena Football League (AFL) in 2013 contains an addendum titled, "Authorization for Deduction of Union Dues or Agency Fees."  It allows the AFL or agent of AFL to deduct from a player's weekly compensation the amount equal to

A Look At The Arena Football League’s New Collective Bargaining Agreement

Since August 10, 2012, the Arena Football League (AFL) has been operating pursuant to a new collective bargaining agreement (embedded at the bottom of this article).  The CBA will be in effect until September 30, 2017, when the players' union and the AFL teams will once again go through the

United Football League, Canadian Football League, or Arena Football League

The following is a guest contribution from Martin Fischman, Dynasty's Football Division Director. As a football agent, you have a fiduciary duty to act in the best interests of your clients.  But what happens when a player is either released from an NFL team with no other teams willing to

Arena Football Will Return

Arena Football was never dead.  Even though the AFL scratched its 2009 season, the AFL2, a "minor league" version of the AFL (which was considered a minor league of the NFL) played out its season.  Many wondered whether the AFL2 would just replace the AFL with the AFL's former talent.