Is The Arena Football League Calling It Quits?

While I was sitting in on a panel at the Princeton Sports Symposium, Christopher Cabott, a lawyer and adjunct professor asked whether the group of speakers had heard the latest news: The Arena Football League was folding.  I immediately left the room to call up Matthew Watkins, Dynasty's NFLPA Advisor. 

Sponsorship – A Necessary Evil?

The purpose of this article is to identify some of the positives and negatives that can arise from sponsorship in sport, and invite your own views of this sometimes contentious topic. Sponsors purchase the right to align their product(s) with sport through a variety of mediums such as events, venues, teams

Tony Kornheiser Loves Him Some Arena Football

Football players no longer have to be in college or in the NFL to be showcased on ESPN and ABC. After becoming a minority owner in the AFL yesterday, ESPN plans to add Arena Football games to its Monday night lineup (starting after the NFL season is over, of

Football Client not Ready for the NFL?

One viable option for many years now is to send football players to NFL Europe. Another arena (pun intended) is the Arena Football League (AFL), which will be the option discussed in today's post. Some interesting notes that I made while reviewing the AFL's Collective Bargaining Agreement: The AFLPA (players association)