You Won’t Get Rich Being An Australian Football League Agent

There is a general perception among people outside of the representation industry that all sports agents are rich. Examples such as Entourage, Arli$$ and Jerry Maguire have done nothing to dispel this theory. In reality, it is different. The Australian Football League (AFL) is the most popular sports league in Australia. The

Australian Football League Players Association Launches Agent Course

The Australian Football League Player's Association (AFLPA) has launched a new program aimed at educating future AFL agents. The Executive Certificate (Player Agents) is a course which runs for 6 weeks covering areas including Crisis Management, Talent Identification and Player Development. Realizing the majority of those interested would be full time

Former IMG Agent Liam Pickering Begins Representing Australian Football Players Again

Australian Football League (AFL) agent Liam Pickering's one year non-compete clause has expired, and he is now free to represent AFL players again. Liam Pickering split from IMG in September last year, leaving several players connected to the company with no agent. IMG decided to disband its AFL division, and managing

Can the Australian Football League Justify The Single Economic Entity Principle?

This article explores Paul A. Czarnota's newly released article, "The AFL, the joint venture defence and single economic entity theory", which can be found in August's edition of the Australian Journal of Competition and Consumer Law (AJCCL). The Australian Football League (AFL) is one of the most unique sporting leagues in

Stride Sports Saga Headed For The Courts

Another twist in the Stride Sports story with Director Glenn Archer of Stride Sports Management launching legal action against his former employee and Australian Football League (AFL) agent Alex McDonald. Caroline Wilson of the The Age reported the news late last week. As I had previously reported, Alex McDonald had left

Ned Guy Follows Alex McDonald Out The Door At Stride Sports

This is looking like it could get ugly. Leading Journalist Damien Barrett tweeted over the weekend that Australian Football League (AFL) agent Ned Guy has departed from Stride Sports Management. This is on the back of last week's news that Alex McDonald had also left the high profile agency. A clearer