Course Report: Accelerated Sports Management Program. Part 1.

This is the first in a series of posts reporting on the Accelerated Sports Management Program run by Infront Consulting and Stride Sports Management. I have been given the opportunity to attend seminars associated with a newly designed course to help students learn more about the Athlete Representation Industry. Run over

AFL Rich List

Unlike most of the Big 4 leagues in the USA, AFL (Australian Football League) contracts aren't released to the public. Therefore a lot of speculation is created as to who is making the big bucks. Fox Sports has compiled a rough guide through research in the industry as to who

AFL Draft Preview 2008

In what will be the 2nd last of the 'regular' drafts before the Gold Coast team enters the competition (Gold Coast will have 8 out of the first 24 picks in the 2010 draft), all first round picks were kept by their respective clubs during trade week. As of last year

The 2008 Number 1 AFL Draft Pick

The 2008 AFL Season has just begun but it is already clear who the number 1 pick in this year's draft will be. In fact, it was almost certain at the end of last year, prior to last year's draft. Remember this name, Nicholas Naitanui, because there is a very strong