Alex McDonald Leaves Stride Sports Management, Next Move Unclear

Caroline Wilson broke the news in The Age over the weekend that Australian Football League (AFL) agent Alex McDonald has left Stride Sports Management. The former player and now leading manager had an apparent falling out with the company's board, which is made up of a mix of current and

On To The Next One: Dustin Martin

Damien Barrett reported on The Footy Show last week that Richmond player Dustin Martin has left Phoenix Management to join Ralph Carr at RCM Sport. 20-year-old Martin is one of the most promising footballers in the Australian Football League (AFL), and his current deal expires at the end of 2013.

Lockout Drawing Closer for the Australian Football League

As the NFL finally resolved its lockout, another national football league is heading towards one. The Australian Football League's (AFL) Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) is due to end after the current season, and the sides are still stuck on a few important points, one of them being the same problem the

AFL Draft Preview 2008

In what will be the 2nd last of the 'regular' drafts before the Gold Coast team enters the competition (Gold Coast will have 8 out of the first 24 picks in the 2010 draft), all first round picks were kept by their respective clubs during trade week. As of last year