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Ryan Howard Just Dropped It (Larry Reynolds) Like It Was Hot

Larry Reynolds was dropped as Ryan Howard’s agent [Howard dismisses agent; Phils mull raise]. Reynolds will miss out on quite a chunk of change when Howard becomes arbitration eligible after the 2007 season. Howard will move onto his third agent shortly (his first was Jim Turner), and there is a good chance that it may […]

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Show MLB The Money

In 2005, the average salary in baseball was $2,476,589. In 2006, that figure jumped up to $2,699,292 [Average MLB salary rose 9 percent in ’06]. The average MLB salary should break $3 million in the near future, which is a promising sign for athletes and agents. Here is an interesting breakdown by position: Third basemen […]

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Boston Globe Reporting At Its Finest

Great story in The Boston Globe detailing the entire contract negotiations between the Boston Red Sox and Daisuke Matsuzaka [Wooing of pitcher was wowing]. Who knows, maybe you can be as lucky as Scott Boras in a negotiation, and be given the gift of time (a clock) from upper management. By the way, if you […]

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MLB Is Still Money In The Bank

Foul Balls takes a look at some of the early baseball contracts that have been signed this off season before the Winter Meetings. For anyone who thought that salaries might go down in the only sport without a salary cap, you may want to think again [Major League Baseball Is Out of Its Mind]. -Darren […]

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Big Ass Roundup Of MLB’s New Labor Deal

The new labor deal that will extend to December 11, 2011 (mark it on your calendar) was completed and agreed upon at the end of October. Instead of reporting about it along the way, I decided to wait until the dust settled and many different sources made comments about the deal. This post will serve […]

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The 2nd Boston Tea Party

Updating a past story: Scott Boras Wants To Eat Your Children, the Boston Red Sox have officially won the right to pay the Seibu Lions a posting fee for Daisuke Matsuzaka if the club is able to sign Mr. Matsuzaka. The posting fee prediction on October 25th was anywhere between $17 million to $28 million. […]

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Would You Like a Cuban Cigar With That Pitcher?

Americans have been smuggling Cuban items into the country since the formation of the Cuban Embargo. The latest item: professional baseball players.  Gustavo “Gus” Dominguez has been charged for paying aides to illegally bring Cuban players to California with the end goal being that they get signed by MLB teams [Feds charge agent with smuggling […]

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Scott Boras Wants To Eat Your Children

And also sign more baseball players and increase his revenue. Daisuke Matsuzaka, MVP of the World Baseball Classic, has decided that he will leave the Seibu Lions in Japan and test the MLB waters with his agent Scott Boras helping him along the way [Boras to represent Japanese pitching star Matsuzaka]. This guy has performed […]

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Will The Yankees Success Hurt Agents?

Since the beginning of the Steinbrenner era, the Yankees have been notorious for purchasing high-priced and sometimes overvalued free-agents.  George Steinbrenner’s willingness to spend an exorbitant amount of money on his team has made Sports Agents eager to have their clients signed by the New York Yankees (for recent story, see: Johnny Damon). But when […]

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Oy Vey

Did you know that the Red Sox have two Jews on their team? They are Kevin Youkilis and Gabe Kapler. These broadcasters and Dennis Leary really do not leave Mel Gibson alone after finding out that there are 2 Jews on the Red Sox. Do not forget about my boy Shawn Green, who has taken […]