Forbes 30 Under 30 (Sports) Adrian Clark’s New Book ‘Protect Yourself at All Times: A Guide for Professional Boxers’

Forbes 30 Under 30 (Sports) Entrepreneur, Author and Professional Athlete representative, Adrian Clark has announced the second book of his “guide” series titled, ‘Protect Yourself at All Times: A Guide for Professional Boxers’.  In unprecedented fashion, Clark delivers this blueprint for professional boxers with 12 rounds (chapters) of concise statements which enable boxers

Book Review: Super Agent

"This is not a kiss-and-tell story about Donald.  This book is about my life, and Donald was and is a chapter in it."  That quote comes on page 303 of a total 318 pages in Dr. Jerry Argovitz's and J. David Miller's Super Agent: The One Book the NFL & NCAA

Book Review: Go Pro Like A Pro

Since reviewing his book, Money Players, on August 15, 2007, I have become very good friends with Marc Isenberg.  I have invited him to speak multiple times at the University of Florida Levin College of Law, engaged in great sports business discussions with him, and have been able to count