Forbes 30 Under 30 (Sports) Adrian Clark’s New Book ‘Protect Yourself at All Times: A Guide for Professional Boxers’

Forbes 30 Under 30 (Sports) Entrepreneur, Author and Professional Athlete representative, Adrian Clark has announced the second book of his “guide” series titled, ‘Protect Yourself at All Times: A Guide for Professional Boxers’.  In unprecedented fashion, Clark delivers this blueprint for professional boxers with 12 rounds (chapters) of concise statements which enable boxers

Book Review: Renegades Write The Rules

Amy Jo Martin's Renegades Write The Rules (officially released tomorrow, but can be ordered today), is the social media maven's "how-to" book that explains how she used social media to reconfigure her business and life, and how all of us can do the same.  The most important take away from

Book Review: SAPP ATTACK

SAPP ATTACK.  The title is bold and in caps, which is exactly what should be expected from a man with the physical size and generous personality of former NFL defensive tackle Warren Sapp.  Currently an analyst on the NFL Network, Sapp found the time to write a book [click here for the

Book Review: When The Game Is On The Line

I first became familiar with the name Rick Horrow when Brian Finkel (a good friend from the University of Florida and Creative Director at Horrow Sports Ventures) sent me an email in 2009 regarding a new show on Versus titled, The $ports Take.  It sounded like a great show, but one

Book Review: Negotiating and Drafting Sports Venue Agreements

It is possible to include the profession of sports agent within a broader category of Sports Law professions, but Sports Law has the potential to incorporate a multitude of legal disciplines, including Contract Law, Intellectual Property Law, and the art of negotiation (which certainly plays a key role in every