Book Review: Tell To Win

Tell to Win is a book that has absolutely no underlying sports agent theme and is actually not about sports at all.  However, the lessons learned by reading it could certainly be applied by sports agents and all other people who work in the business of sports. Tell to Win will

Book Review: Bigger Than The Game

I promised two book reviews last week, but I only delivered on one.  The other book that I planned on reviewing is titled, Bigger than the Game - Bo, Boz, the Punky QB, and How the '80s Created the Modern Athlete. It was a much longer read than Sports Junkies

Book Review: My Life Outside the Ring

My Life Outside the Ring, is the second autobiography by Hulk Hogan and as the title implies, it features the man behind the Hulk Hogan persona, Terry Boella. The legendary career and trademark personality of Hulk Hogan can be described to you by any Hulkamaniac, but the unscripted life of

Book Review: Long Lost

This book is not something that will give you much insight into the sports agent profession.  In fact, there is nothing to take away from this story that directly relates to being a sports agent.  Long Lost by Harlan Coben is a fictional story, but its main character, Myron Bolitar,

Book Review: Taking Sports Seriously

It's not about sports agents, but it is freaking awesome.  I am not going to lie and tell you that I read every page of Taking Sports Seriously: Law and Sports in Contemporary American Culture by Jeffrey Standen (in fact, I skipped the entire chapter on Sports Books...why do I