Book Review: Your Dream Job Game Plan

I have said it time and time again, so if you are any sort of regular reader in these parts of the web, you know that my first foray into the sports agent profession was as an intern at Career Sports & Entertainment.  The President of the Client Representation division

Book Review: Next Question

He is undoubtedly in love with himself and definitely believes that he is G-d's gift to the world, but with all of the criticism directed at Drew Rosenhaus, I must give him some credit: the man tells it how it is.  His clients love him, people that I know in

Book Review: An Athlete’s Guide to Agents (Fourth Edition)

In the past, I have recommended Kenneth Shropshire's and Timonthy Davis' The Business of Sports Agents as a must read for any aspiring or current sports agent.  In fact, I have referred to the book as The Sports Agent Bible in prior discussions.  I still recommend that it should be on any sports

Book Review: GIANT

Right after the Miami Dolphins (I forgot to mention that I sat behind Don Shula on my way to Jacksonville for a business meeting this Tuesday), my favorite team is the New York Giants.  I went wild at Club ESPN in Disney World when the Giants had the miraculous fourth

Book Review: A Shark Never Sleeps

Drew Rosenhaus attracts many of the NFL’s premiere clients such as Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, Edgerrin James, Thomas Jones, Lance Briggs, Zach Thomas, Will Allen and former players Warren Sapp, Dan Cody, Tommie Harris, Brian Blades, and the late Sean Taylor. His merciless negotiating tactics and big ego have worked

Book Review: Can I Keep My Jersey?

It's an all too familiar situation that an Agent will encounter: The Journeyman. Paul Shirley is not a household name, yet he has played for multiple NBA teams...albeit, if it’s in “junk time” as he calls it. The 6'10" Kansas native gives readers an insight into what it’s like to be

Book Review: Taking Shots

There are very few books written by sports agents and even fewer that devote a substantial amount of pages to discussing the profession of representing athletes. NBPA agent, Keith Glass, takes a shot at covering that topic and other NBA related material in his book, Taking Shots. It

Book Review: Change Up

When it comes down to it, there is no sport that I enjoy or know more about than baseball. A large reason for that is that I grew up with a father who was and continues to be a passionate New York Yankees fan (you have to remember that

Book Review: Sports Marketing 2008

Every year, Richard K. Miller & Associates comes out with a collection of consumer-related market research studies. The most relevant study for our area of concern is their annual Sports Marketing assessment of the sports business in the U.S. The most