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October 21, 2008 /

He is undoubtedly in love with himself and definitely believes that he is G-d’s gift to the world, but with all of the criticism directed at Drew Rosenhaus, I must…

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September 10, 2008 /
July 22, 2008 /

Right after the Miami Dolphins (I forgot to mention that I sat behind Don Shula on my way to Jacksonville for a business meeting this Tuesday), my favorite team is…

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July 13, 2008 /

Drew Rosenhaus attracts many of the NFL’s premiere clients such as Terrell Owens, Chad Johnson, Edgerrin James, Thomas Jones, Lance Briggs, Zach Thomas, Will Allen and former players Warren Sapp,…

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July 8, 2008 /
June 9, 2008 /

There are very few books written by sports agents and even fewer that devote a substantial amount of pages to discussing the profession of representing athletes. NBPA agent, Keith Glass,…

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May 27, 2008 /
March 27, 2008 /

When it comes down to it, there is no sport that I enjoy or know more about than baseball. A large reason for that is that I grew up with…

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March 5, 2008 /

Every year, Richard K. Miller & Associates comes out with a collection of consumer-related market research studies. The most relevant study for our area of concern is their annual Sports…

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February 28, 2008 /