Book Review: God Save The Fan

There are at least three reasons that I want to be able to give God Save The Fan a bad review. 1) Will Leitch forces me to write out God instead of referring to Him as G-d. 2) I was left out of the 100+ blogger name shout

Book Review: Diamond Dollars

Diamond Dollars by Vince Gennaro is as good as it gets when it comes to the business of baseball. The uniqueness of Diamond Dollars is its provocative way of putting numbers to the real concepts that have been talked about by baseball insiders for years, such as the payoff

Book Review: The 4-Hour Workweek

After reading I'm Just a Kicker, I had said that I would drop my future as a successful sports agent to be an NFL kicker (if I had the leg to provide a decent salary). After reading The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferriss, I no longer want to be

Book Review: I’m Just a Kicker

Forget wanting to be a sports agent. I want to be a kicker. You know, the guy who sits on the bench for the majority of football games counting his money as his team does all the real work. How talented do you have to be to

Book Review: Game Time – Inside College Football

The culmination of first semester law school final exams has afforded me the opportunity to begin reading through some of the interesting sports-related books that have been sent my way for review. I just finished reading Game Time - Inside College Football. The book is a compilation of

New book validates Lake, implicates Bush

It's not in time for Christmas, but a new book due out next month will still seem like a lump of coal in Reggie Bush's stocking this holiday. Roughly one month after Lloyd Lake, a partner along with San Diego businessman Michael Michaels in the failed sports marketing agency New Era

Book Review: The Dynamic Path

Don't ask me how I have time to run a sports agency, post to this blog, read over 1,000 sports news stories per day, build AccessAthletes, go to law school, read for law school...and still manage to have time to read for pleasure. Well, can ask me...but my response

Book Review: Money Players

I was fortunate enough to receive an advance copy of Money Players: A Pro Athlete's Guide to Success in Sports, Business & Life directly from author, Marc Isenberg. Marc Isenberg runs the blog that is appropriately titled, Money Players. Recently in the Forum, someone asked, "What are the best