Paul Argueta Is Relocating Your Athlete Clients With Ease

When is the last time you moved? Not in the sense of physical activity, but actually packed up all your belongings , put them in a U-Haul and settled into a new home. Anyone who has -ver been through this process before can attest to the fact that moving can be

Lagardère Sports Adds Tim Mickelson As Their Newest Agent

In mid-July, Tim Mickelson resigned as the head coach of Arizona State University after five years with the school. Yesterday, Lagardère Sports announced Mickelson will be joining the agency under the tutelage of Lagardère Golf President Steve Loy, who also coached at ASU from 1987 to 1992 and left his coaching gig to

CAA Sports Hires Kansas State Associate Athletic Director Clint Dowdle

Creative Artists Agency has added a new agent to their already prestigious coaching division by snagging Kansas State associate athletic director Clint Dowdle. The 33-year-old Memphis native will work on finding young, upcoming football and basketball coaches to bring to the agency. Dowdle started as a basketball star with a business

On To The Next One: Luke Walton

Per a series of Tweets by Shams Charania and Russell Wilde Jr, Golden State Warriors assistant coach Luke Walton has signed a coaching representation agreement with Wasserman Media Group. He was previously with Tandem Sports. Walton began his coaching career after his 10-year playing career with the Los Angeles Lakers and

Mike Tannenbaum Remains An Agent Even With New Consulting Role

Former New York Jets General Manager, Mike Tannenbaum, joined sports agency Priority Sports as the head of its Coaches, Front Office and Broadcasters Division last summer.  In that role, he recently negotiated Steve Kerr's new salary with the Golden State Warriors. As of last Friday, Tannenbaum will now try to balance two competing

Steve Kerr Gains Golden State Warriors Job With Help Of Mike Tannenbaum

The following serves as the first contribution for new Sports Agent Blog contributor D'Bria Bradshaw.  Bradshaw is a graduate of the University of Central Florida and is about to begin her J.D. studies at Charlotte School of Law.  Connect with her on LinkedIn. Former New York Jets General Manager, Mike Tannenbaum, now

Lovie Smith’s Son Hired By IMG Worldwide; Brings Chicago Bears Coaches As Clients

He has experience working as an intern with Creative Artists Agency (CAA) and Priority Sports & Entertainment.  Now, the son of Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith has a full-time gig with IMG Worldwide. Matthew Smith (Lovie's son) is off to a stronger start than most 26-year-old agents.  He represents his

Book Review: SAPP ATTACK

SAPP ATTACK.  The title is bold and in caps, which is exactly what should be expected from a man with the physical size and generous personality of former NFL defensive tackle Warren Sapp.  Currently an analyst on the NFL Network, Sapp found the time to write a book [click here for the

NBPA Could Do Better Job To Limit Conflicts Of Interest

In 2008, National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) Executive Director Billy Hunter drafted an "inflexible memo" to announce the NBPA's plan to enforce its rule with regard to the prohibition against agents representing both NBA players and NBA coaches. While the rule effectively prevented individuals from representing the two classes of