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Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up

Bust out your yarmulkes and start slicing the challah. It is time for your Friday wrap up of links that I failed to cover during the week. Jerome Brown of San Clemente, California pleaded not guilty after being accused of forming fake businesses to defraud other companies out of about $450,000. His lawyer claims that […]

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Surging Super Chargers

With Tuesday’s trade for Chris Chambers and their performance these last couple weeks, it seems that the San Diego Chargers are trying to get back on track…not that they’re back on track just yet. Let me preface this by saying that I agree 100% with Paul’s September post touching on how horrid the decision to […]

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Featured On CBS In March? Time For A Raise!

Get your team into the Elite 8 and your salary will reach elite numbers. In fact, just make the tournament field of 65 teams, and you should see your salary as a college basketball coach expand in the next year. According to the USA TODAY, coaches who had their team reach the Elite 8 last […]

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Mighty Fine

Throw this one under nightmare of clients, or should I say coaches. The word fine is always associated with Maria Sharapova, but this time it’s for the wrong reason. Maria was fined $2,000 for illegal coaching from the sideline by her father during her quarter final match at the Australian Open. I’m sure that Maria […]

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Want to be a Coach’s agent?

David Beckham, move aside. You are only an extreme case in a sport that has notoriously paid low salaries to its players. Nick Saban, Bobby Petrino, and Dom Capers; please stand up. In the past, I have written articles that document the recent splurge in payment to college coaches [Want to be a College Coach’s […]

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Interview with Andrew Goodwin of

Andrew Goodwin is the co-founder of a new online venture called Along with his partner, Burton Rocks, Mr. Goodwin has plans to change the landscape of recruiting athletes that aim to participate in American professional sports. is a database and online sports community intended to help Sports Agents, scouts, and coaches discover athletic […]

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Schnellenberger Is Not Too Fond of LSU

Check out’s great table for the Top 25 Final Coaches’ Ballots. One thing that caught my eye was where FAU coach Howard Schnellenberger ranked Louisiana State University. Maybe LSU does not deserve to be ranked #4 overall, but ranking them #15 is stretching it. He also put #8 Oklahoma as his #18 ranked team. […]

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Want to be a College Coach’s agent? Part II

On July 25th, I talked about how the salaries of coaches in all collegiate sports are on the rise.  Today, I highlight’s in-depth analysis of college football coach income [ – Coaches compensation]. A few things stick out.  In particular: Coaches at the top D-I programs make an average yearly salary of $950,000 before […]

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No Tolerance Policy

This past Friday, Sports Agent Charles Taplin was arrested for trying to gain information about and contact student athletes at Louisiana State University [LSUPD charges ‘agent’ in WCA]. The arrest is for “violating a Louisiana law that regulates sports agents and their contact with athletes.” But the story gets worse. Travelle Gaines, an assistant strength […]

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Want to be a College Coach’s agent?

It may not be a bad idea, as college coach (and pro coach) salaries have risen exponentially in the past couple of decades. In the past, I touched on the fact that even women’s basketball coaches may become an area of interest for Sports Agents; Pat Summitt became the first women’s basketball coach to obtain […]