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What Would You Do…? (#1)

I decided to start a new column that will spark solid dialogue amongst our avid readers here at the blog. It’s entitled “What would you do…?” The column’s basic purpose is to pose a hypothetical situation related to athlete representation. This will give a chance for some current agents to provide a response. It will […]

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These Boys Are Not All-American Rejects

In baseball, you can start ratcheting up clients as they graduate from high school and enter the MLB Entry Draft (if they opt to do so).  Football does not play by the same rules.  That does not mean that you cannot get a head start in scouting talented football players at a young age.  Let […]

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Pauls corner-part 2

Dennis Kennedy-RB Akron-Junior Kennedy signed with Ohio State out of high school, but was ruled academically ineligible and chose to sign with Akron. He is listed at 5’11 and weighing around 200 pounds. Being at Akron does not give him as much national exposure then if he was at OSU, but he is still someone […]

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Paul’s corner-part 1

As Darren mentioned, I will be discussing college football athletes that are not on draft boards, but have something to offer NFL teams if given the opportunity in my opinion. Let me know what ya’ll think! Jeremy Gray-CB NC State RS JR On, Gray is listed as the #130 CB for the 2009 draft […]

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Diamond in the Rough

You’ll notice that most, if not all, sports agents tout their ability to spot a dark horse, a “diamond in the rough,” an imminent star who, for whatever reason, is currently flying under the collective radar. For lesser known firms and agents, finding such a player could be the essential ingredient in determining whether or […]

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Choosing A Different Route

Former University of Kansas record-breaker chooses the Canadian Football League over the NFL. Yesterday, I was asked an interesting question when I was interviewed by aStupidRadio. The question was something along the lines of “How could you tell a client that he should accept a smaller offer than the highest one that he is presented?” […]

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NFL Draft: Conduct Policy Ramifications

While you’re sitting at home this weekend with your bag of chips and six-pack, try not to be too surprised when you witness an unprecedented number of highly skilled players fall to lower draft positions (and even lower rounds). The NFL’s new conduct policy delivered harsh suspensions to Adam “Pacman” Jones and Chris Henry earlier […]

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Racists In Compton, CA

USC linebacker creates a very distasteful Facebook group. Chalk this one up on your things not to do on Facebook. Clay Matthews, a linebacker at the school known for promoting the non-usage of underwear by its cheerleaders (aka USC), used his constitutionally given right of free speech to create a Facebook group titled, “White Nation.” […]

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Upshaw: New Recruiting Rules?

Gene Upshaw, exec. director of the NFLPA, has recently stated his desire to change the rules on agents recruiting of college football players. Currently, agents are not able to sign a player or give a player anything of monetary value without that player losing his/her NCAA eligibility, but there are no rules against an agent […]

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Todd France May Land a Big-Time Running Back

By the name of…Michael Bush. The star running back of Louisville broke his leg in his first game of the 2006 season and should be one of the top picks of the 2007 NFL draft if he comes out early. Many different sources including report that Todd France is a favorite to represent Bush, […]