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Not a Penny Less…

Channel 9 News reported on Monday about the future of rugby league star Sonny Bill Williams. The 21 year old is going to be a superstar, already turning down major contracts from overseas. The National Rugby League (NRL) also believes he has an amazing worth, and has refused to accept any contract that pays him […]

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Agents Are Overrated

Right? People always come out and say that having a Sports Agent is an unnecessary extra cost. Players should be able to negotiate their own contracts and handle all of their off-field issues themselves, right? Wrong. Doug Brown, a defensive lineman in the CFL gives 2 reasons why he has an agent [Player who acts […]

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Hay Fever

Fox Sports is reporting about an intriguing story in the AFL. Jonathan Hay began a 3 year near $1 million contract with the Kangaroos at the start of last season. His form was average at best and it was revealed during the season that he was suffering from bi-polar disorder. The Kangaroos now want to […]

Contract Negotiation

Too good to be true…

You know the saying, if it sounds to good to be true, it probably isn’t. Great example as to why teams should check that their sponsors can actually pay before signing them on. Boland Rugby Union, a successful rugby team in South Africa has gotten into some financial trouble because it’s major sponsor, Fidentia can […]

Arbitration Contract Negotiation


Edit: This is issue has been settled by the Melbourne Storm trading 2 players to the Gold Coast Titans and AUS$85,000 compensation. Read the story here. An on-going battle has been taking place in the world of rugby lately. Steve Turner played for the Melbourne Storm last season and during the season announced he would […]

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Earn it like Beckham

A milestone in sports today, and what other person would you expect it from than Mr. David Beckham. There has been speculation about his future at Real Madird for a while now, and he has always expressed interest in playing in America. David Beckham will leave Real Madrid in June and join MLS team L.A. […]

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No More Commissions

I just got home from a week long vacation in Beech Mountain, NC, and boy do I have a lot of catching up to do! Before I begin reading over the myriad of blogs that I have missed over the past week, I want to post about something I read in Rick Karcher’s Willamette Law […]

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Show MLB The Money

In 2005, the average salary in baseball was $2,476,589. In 2006, that figure jumped up to $2,699,292 [Average MLB salary rose 9 percent in ’06]. The average MLB salary should break $3 million in the near future, which is a promising sign for athletes and agents. Here is an interesting breakdown by position: Third basemen […]

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Boston Globe Reporting At Its Finest

Great story in The Boston Globe detailing the entire contract negotiations between the Boston Red Sox and Daisuke Matsuzaka [Wooing of pitcher was wowing]. Who knows, maybe you can be as lucky as Scott Boras in a negotiation, and be given the gift of time (a clock) from upper management. By the way, if you […]

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What If..

What if spending a lot of money on individual players did not directly correlate with how well MLB teams performed in the 2006 season [salary vs performance | ben fry]? What if the 2006 New York Yankees may be the worst on the field return on investment in team sports history [Will The Yankees Success […]