Carl Krauser Signs With The Waikato Pistons of the NBL

Two months ago, on February 13, I received a surprise email.  Actually, me and 9 other agents received the same email.  It was from Carl Krauser, and he was "looking for assistance in finding a sports agent."  Asking agents for assistance in finding an agent is like putting candy in

No Longer A Sports Agent – Now An Athlete Advocate

Yesterday something clicked and made me renounce my title as sports agent.  Since starting in this business, I was never too fond of the phrase.  What exactly is a 'sports agent' anyway?  After taking Business Organizations Law as a 2L in law school, I could give you a 5 page

Pete Parise’s Spring Training

Derrick Goold wrote a piece (subscription necessary) in yesterday, with the subtitle: "Parise showing Cardinals everything he has."  The title - "Well-Traveled Reliever." Here is a part of the article: By the end of the 2010 season, Parise will have been pitching, nearly uninterrupted, for 32 months. When he reported to