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Alex Rodriguez Goes With Gaylord For Marketing

In 2010, Alex Rodriguez fired Scott Boras.  Boras had been Rodriguez’s MLBPA certified agent; his responsibility was to help Rodriguez choose the teams he would play for and negotiate the terms of his contracts with MLB teams.  However, Rodriguez has always had many other “agents” helping him out off of the field. In 2007, Rodriguez […]

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Would You Invest in a Golfer?

I recently stumbled upon an excellent blog written by an up and coming professional golfer named Scott Stallings. Scott’s blog is a little different than most other celebrity blogs in that he blogs for B Net, which is a business and management specific website. In his blog titled “Chief Executive Golfer” Scott gives readers insight […]

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On To The Next One (Kind Of): Randy Moss

As you may recall, at the end of May, Randy Moss fired his agent Tim DiPiero, who had been representing Moss since his entrance into the NFL. Moss made an announcement that he fired his agent because he felt that he was able to handle his own contract negotiations, but wanted an agent that could find […]

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World Cup’s Hottest Fan is Used as a Billboard

You have got to hand it to some companies for seizing an opportunity when they see one. There’s no doubt that during any sporting event, cameras will seek out the gorgeous women in the crowd, and the World Cup is no different. So when Paraguayan fan/model Larissa Riquelme started getting a lot of airtime, companies […]

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The Evolution of Women’s Tennis

There is a debate concerning women’s professional basketball. Many believe the WNBA will not survive because the organization does not have the same sponsorship or financial backing as the NBA. Many think the women do not have the athleticism to play at the same level as male professional basketball players. Therefore, women’s professional basketball is […]

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On to the Next One: Shaun White

For eight years, action sports icon Shaun White has worked with agent Mark Ervin and IMG. This was a successful and lucrative pairing that saw White become one of the most recognizable faces in sports, but like they say, all good things eventually come to an end. Last week, White dropped Ervin for the services […]

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Limited Time Offer From Chris Bosh

After a brilliant legal victory last year by attorneys at Winston & Strawn LLP against Zavala and, Chris Bosh’s nickname went from “CB4” to “cyber-hero” to many loyal fans and those in the Internet community.  If you do not remember the lawsuit or the previous post on,  here is a quick review. On […]

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Did You Get Your Tim Tebow Jersey Yet?

As expected, Tim Tebow has already become a marketing machine in the NFL. Since 2006, the NFL has been tracking rookie jersey sales. Tebow is sitting on the #1 spot for jersey sales, and has already beat the record for rookie jersey sales, which was held until now, by last year’s rookie, Mark Sanchez. According […]

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The More You Talk About Tebow, The More Money He Makes

In less than a week, the discussions over what team will pick Tim Tebow, and at what position in the draft, will be gone.  We will know where Tebow will call his new home (where you will buy NFL tickets to go see him) and whether he was a first, second, or third round pick.  No […]

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The Undeniable Marketablity of Torah Bright

As soon as Torah Bright claimed the Womens’ half-pipe in Vancouver on Thursday, it was clear to see that her profile was sure to rise. The 23 year old Australian literally has the world at her feet. Torah is far from a household name in Australia, with many winter athletes failing to attract any exposure […]