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Spend it like Beckham

Bloomberg, one of the global leaders in financial and market data, had an interesting article on this year’s World Cup. Let’s face it: soccer is huge globally even though it is not very popular on this continent. Young Americans interested in becoming agents should not dismiss soccer because its global appeal is certainly growing. It […]


Expanding Presence Overseas has an interesting story covering the immense marketability of star Yao Ming. Ming receives about $15 million per year in endorsements alone. China is an emerging market economically speaking, and may also open many eyes in America as more athletes arise in U.S. professional leagues. The 2008 Summer Olympics will be in Beijing, and […]

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Can Olympic/Student Athletes Obtain Endorsements?

We love our readers. Especially when they make comments on this blog and send e-mails with questions or compliments. Reader, Sokki Chen asks: How would the UAAA be applied to an Olympic athlete who is also a NCAA student athlete. If (s)he wants to hire an agent to negotiate deals for certain appearances prior/after the […]

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Early $ for Leinart

I was a little disappointed with the quality of the commercials in this year’s Super Bowl. I may have some of a bias because I was mad about my proposition bet with my friends that I lost (I said that the first commercial after the kickoff would not be a “drink” commercial…who would’ve guessed it […]