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Poker, Pain, And Pool?

The twenty-first century has seen the proliferation of two new forms of sport in mixed martial arts (MMA) and poker, which some consider to be more of a recreational activity than a sport. ESPN has profited tremendously from its coverage of the World Series of Poker while many other cable networks have mimicked ESPN’s business […]

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Home Away From Home?

Mexico City. London. Toronto. If you are an NFL fan and are not familiar with these three cities, you should be. These are the three locations outside of the United States where NFL Regular Season games have been played. In 2005, the Arizona Cardinals and San Fransisco 49ers faced off in Mexico City. In 2007, […]

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Remember Entourage?

Remember Entourage? You know, that small time show on HBO that comes back this September after a long (and I mean long) hiatus? Really though, Entourage gives a look into one of the subjects of this sports agent world, the real life Ari Gold. Ari Emanuel founded Endeavor in 1995 after he left acclaimed agency, […]

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6-Pac Challenge

I was watching an episode of “Hard Knocks: Training Camp With The Dallas Cowboys” when I saw a remarkable thing.  Adam Jones, the Cowboys cornerback and punt returner was catching punts during practice, but after he caught the punts he did not drop the footballs.  At one point he had five footballs in his hands […]

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NBA Europe Live

As if the NBA and its players have not received enough European and foreign press already, the NBA has set up its NBA Europe Live tour again for this upcoming preseason.  Michael Beasley and the Heat will start the tour off in Paris against the New Jersey Nets.  Chris Paul and the New Orleans Hornets […]

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Nowadays, Everybody Wants To Be A Sports Agent

With all the ballyhoo surrounding the NY Jets’ recent hiring of FSU Cowgirl, Jenn Sterger, as a game day host, you might be surprised to know Sterger aspired to become a sports agent before Brent Musburger made her famous. In response to being asked what she would be doing now if Musburger never spotted her, she […]

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Olympics On YouTube

The technology age is here.  The Internet is now being used more and more for marketing, and work and is connecting people and countries many miles and languages apart. is a great example of how the Internet is connecting people leagues apart through the common interest in agent and athlete information.  Now citizens all […]

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The House That Ruth Built

Yankee Stadium or “the house that Ruth built” is a baseball and sports icon.  Many great games and events have been played on that hallowed ground.  I recently had the opportunity to watch the Yankees play the Twins at the fabled Yankee Stadium before it reaches its demise and gets torn down after this season. […]

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Bubbly the Destroyer

What would you think if you saw a 5-foot-8-inch, 135-pound, gorgeous blonde, 34-year-old personal trainer and former National Fitness Champ named “Bubbly the Destroyer?”  Sounds intimidating huh?  Well, “Bubbly the Destroyer” is only the name her husband, sports agent Bruce Horn, jokingly calls her.  Competitors and viewers of the newest American Gladiators know her as “Venom” […]

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ActLetes – Professional Athletes, Endorsements, and the Entertainment Industry

Braylon Edwards (pictured left) is one of the most promising young receivers in the game of football. Leading his team to a 10-6 record, one win short of making the playoffs, he helped revive a dismal Cleveland Browns offense with 80 catches, 1,289 receiving yards (Single Season Franchise Record), and 16 touchdowns (Single Season Franchise […]