Graphic Artist Representation

I have some exciting news to report. Yesterday, I became an agent after I signed my first client. Most of you are probably wondering what sport my client plays (as I am writing on the SportsAgentBlog). It’s definitely not what most of you would expect. My first client as an agent is a graphic designer […]

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What Makes an Athlete an Entertainer?

At one time, sport figures and entertainment figures occupied different social worlds but now these individuals jump from one world to the next and have blurred the lines. Successful (sometimes not so successful) athletes tend to become entertainment figures during and after their competitive careers. One of the major issues that sport and entertainment lawyers […]

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Jay-Z; Stoute Translate Sport and Entertainment

New Jersey Nets investor, music, and fashion icon Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter will be teaming with long time friend, business partner, and Translation Consultation & Brand Imaging (TCBI) founder Steve Stoute to form a new advertising agency aimed at helping corporate clients gain access to multicultural consumers, who represent $2 trillion in consumer buying power. Jay […]