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Read this post by Vinson Vadakara, and then follow these simple instructions: 1. First register and verify your registration (quick and easy) 2. Once registered join the Need4Sheed & League as a GM or and AGENT As a reader of, I suggest that you choose to be an agent.  Let the…
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Practice Makes Perfect

The majority of people on this site are looking to represent players from one of the big four (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL). When it comes time to represent a major client, how many contracts will you have negotiated? Well now, thanks to’s Fantasy Basketball Mock GM game, you can practice your agent skills against…
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New Age of Fantasy Sports

Mark Edelman is a prestigious attorney in the state of New York, a professor in the Manhattanville College sports business management program, and now he is revolutionizing the fantasy sports world as we know it. Mr. Edelman has worked and been around sports for many years, whether it be as a fan or working on…
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MLB Wants Your $$$

Cover up your face MLB…you should be ashamed of yourself… Check out an interesting post over at the Sports Law Blog on: Can Player Statistics Be “Owned”? Apparently the MLB believes that since it has won lawsuit after lawsuit in the past to retain its anti-trust exemption, it can do whatever the hell it wants…charging…
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