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Brandon Brown To Play For BC Siauliai

Sometimes it seems like Dynasty has become a full-service baseball agency, but just because the other divisions may not get as much love on our tweets, Facebook page, or this site, does not mean that they are failing in any way.  We recently struck a strong deal for one of our Entertainment clients, had many […]

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Kleiza Moves to Europe

Linas Kleiza helped the Denver Nuggets reach deep into the playoffs this past season and now he is headed for greener pastures. Kleiza signed a 2-year deal worth $12.2 million with Olympiakos. Interestingly enough, Kleiza earned $1.5 million last season in Denver, so playing for Olympiakos gives him a lot more financial security. The Nuggets […]

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High Priced China

For American basketball players who cannot quite cut it in the NBA, the option of going overseas to play is very tempting.  If the player is good enough, he can get a chance playing for an NBDL team, but unless he truly believes that the NBDL will serve as a platform for him to break […]

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Product Review:

Austin Walton, Dynasty‘s Director of Basketball Operations, originally turned me on to the website,  He told me that many NBA/NBDL GMs, Assistant GMs, and scouts use the service to check out film on players who they might have not had a solid chance of evaluating in the past.  Additionally, he told me that the […]

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You Will Not See Jeremy Tyler On TV Next Year

…if you live in the United States. Over the past week, as I studied non-stop for my 2L Spring Finals, took the actual finals (including one that lasted 24-hours), and sweat through the NFL Draft, one name kept popping up in my inbox: Jeremy Tyler.  Before a few days ago, I had never heard of […]

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Bonzi’s Impact In China

Bonzi Wells made his China league debut towards the end of 2008.  He scored 48 points and snared 11 rebounds in the debut, helping the Shanxi Zhongyu to a 107-106 win over Tianjin. Wells went 17-37 from the floor and shot 5-15 on three-pointers.  He also had seven steals in Sunday’s game.  Some un Bonzi-like […]

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When In Rome, Do As Brandon Jennings Does

After reading many articles including ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard’s on Brandon Jennings‘ progress in Rome, along with checking out Jennings’ blog, When In Rome, you can certainly see why Jennings will be a lottery pick in 2009.  He has clearly matured as a player already and will only get better until he makes him […]

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NBA = National Basketball…Australia?

Although the NBA Draft is still a fair way off, there are already players who are being highlighted as potential draftees. Thousands of players go through the rigors of balancing school and sport to try and make it on the biggest stage in Basketball, but at the end of the day there are only 60 […]

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Petitions To Play Overseas

When UnderArmour announced that its first basketball endorsement would be for Brandon Jennings, an American born kid who would go on to play his first professional game overseas, the final piece of the puzzle was in place to legitimize the overseas experiment.  No longer are we wondering whether players will go from the NBA to […]

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UnderArmour Enters Basketball

I briefly mentioned Brandon Jennings yesterday and then came to find out that the soon-to-be overseas youngster just signed a deal with UnderArmour.  Since right around the 2008 NBA Draft, I had heard rumors from many industry insiders about UnderArmour making a push into the basketball shoe market.  Derrick Rose’s name was mentioned as the […]