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Hamed Ehadadi NBA Update

Since my post yesterday regarding the NBA forbidding teams to talk with Hamed Ehadadi and all other Iranian athletes, there has been an update. Today, the NBA reports that the league has been approved for the appropriate license by the US government, and that teams can now officially talk to Ehadadi. After many scouts saw […]

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Agents Using Overseas Option As Leverage

Honestly, agents would be silly if they did not use this opportunity that has presented itself to inflate their clients’ salary figures.  When Josh Childress, a restricted free agent unhappy with his role with the Hawks receives an offer that is higher than what any NBA team was offering him and will additionally allow him […]

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Brandon Jennings. Josh Childress. Who Is Next?

I have discussed it as a guest on various radio shows, have thrown the idea back and forth among my colleagues, and have written about it on this blog: Will going overseas to play basketball become more of a common occurrence among some of basketball’s great players? When foreign born players decide to stay overseas […]