Interview With The Agent: Cervando Tejeda

Cervando Tejeda is a Principal at Kilimanjaro Sports Management (KSM). He represents professional basketball players including the newest member of the Orlando Magic, Jonathon Simmons. The following interview was conducted by a previous contributor to Sports Agent Blog. Check out KSM's Twitter and website. SAB: When did you realize that you wanted

Interview With The Agent: Jason Belzer

The following interview was conducted by our Assistant Editor, Cameron Chung. Jason Belzer is the founder and president of GAME Inc which specializes in the management and marketing of coaches. Jason is also a sports business contributor to Forbes and an adjunct professor of Sports Management and Law at Rutgers University. You can

Interview With The Agent: Steven Brodie

The following interview is with Steven Brodie, Founder and President of World Changing Management. Check out World Changing Management's website or connect with them on Twitter. (1) When did you realize that you wanted to pursue a career as a sports agent? What specifically interested you in the industry? Since I was

Six Questions With Aaron Swerdlow, Managing Director And General Counsel At Kauffman Sports Management Group

In just three years, Aaron Swerdlow has worked his way up to Managing Director at Kauffman Sports Management Group. Kauffman Sports represents some of the premier coaches and executives in the NBA and NCAA. Connect with Aaron on LinkedIn and Twitter. The following "Six Questions" short interview was conducted by our Assistant

Interview With The Agent: Dave Schuman

Dave Schuman is a NFLPA certified contract advisor and Co-Founder of Inspired Athletes. Schuman, a former starting linebacker at UConn, is also the founder and CEO of NUC Sports which puts on various combines, camps, and showcases for high school football players. A few months ago, Inspired Athletes was profiled

Six Questions With Andy Shiffman, Director of Basketball Operations At Priority Sports & Entertainment

The following “Six Questions” short interview with Andy Shiffman, Director of Basketball Operations at Priority Sports & Entertainment, was conducted by our Contributing Writer, Steven Swick. Andy currently assists in the representation of NBA players Bradley Beal, KJ McDaniels, Nick Young, and Gordon Hayward. Connect with Andy on LinkedIn and Twitter. 1. Prior to becoming