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It’s NBA Draft Week

Three out of the big four American professional sports have gone through the process of selecting a new class of rookies for the start of their respective next seasons.  The only sport left is basketball, which will conduct its yearly draft on Thursday, June 26th.  The television coverage should be a little more exciting than […]

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You Tellem, Rose

I am not shocked to read the plethora of clippings that claim Derrick Rose is done with his workout tour after only showing his skills off to the Bulls.  I was also not blown away when I read Rose politicking more than Barack Obama and John McCain in an effort to have Chicago sign the […]

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Pocket Full Of Posey

Two days before the Boston Celtics beat killed destroyed slaughtered massacred the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 6 of the NBA Finals to win the championship, Marc J. Spears of The Boston Globe was busy campaigning for James Posey.  The same James Posey who was a solid contributor to the Miami Heat’s success prior to […]

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NBA Draft Early-Entries Are Established

Perhaps you checked out the new Dynasty Newswire? Yesterday, Austin Walton posted his thoughts on which early entries would definitely stay in the 2008 NBA Draft, who he believed should stay, and who would benefit most from pulling out and going back to school for at least another year. It looks like a few of […]

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The Katrina Effect

“Everybody loves New Orleans right now,” he said. “Sometimes, if you run an athlete nationwide, you might offend some of his rival fans. But with Chris, you can run him nationally and nobody hates him.” –Tom George of Octagon, Chris Paul’s agent Chris Paul has recently signed a deal to be an endorser for deodorant […]

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Forget the Players, Coaches are Keeping their Agents Busy

Guest contribution by loyal reader and current Q2 intern, Michael Goldman. While the NBA’s off-season is still about a week away (or less), the league has already seen some significant moves. However, these aren’t player trades or free agent signings, but rather a changing of the guard (no pun intended) in coaches. As usual, there […]

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Is The NBA Rookie Salary Scale Bad?

Before I get into the actual topic of the post, let me just say that I have received a handful of emails asking about how many people and the specific names of those that Dynasty is advising after the MLB Draft.  This information will soon be made available to the public, but for now, I […]

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Representing Champions

The 2008 NCAA Men’s Basketball Champions have selected their agents for the 2008 NBA Draft. On April 7th, I pondered whether any of the departing Kansas Jayhawks would be signing with either Jeff Austin or Mike Higgins based on their historical ties with Jawhawks players. Four Jayhawks have made themselves ineligible for the 2009 season […]

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Giving flopping another chance

Guest contribution by Dynasty Athlete Representation summer intern, Justin Herzig. When Googling the phrase “flopping in the NBA,” nearly every link that pops up leads to an article or blog criticizing flopping. Just about all the articles have one of two purposes: either to explain why flopping is happening or to complain about how flopping […]

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BDA Sandwiched With Mayo?

Honestly, the day I leave for a ten day trip to Israel, this happens? Anyone who knows me well, understands that I hate white foods (vanilla not included). I am not a fan of sour cream, despise cottage cheese, and refuse to intake any mayonnaise. I never had anything against one type of mayo, O.J. […]