Teams in Transition

Although the transfer window may be shut, it hasn’t stopped the drama for many club executives involved in English football. Newcastle United, owned by Mike Ashley, was recently relegated from the FA Premier League’s top division after spending some time at the bottom of league. It goes without mentioning that fans are clearly upset at…
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Messi Situation is Anything but Messy


Lionel Messi joined FC Barcelona at the age of 13, where he lit up opponents and scored his way to a massive contract with the premiere squad, eventually earning a starting job.  On Sept. 18th, Messi chalked up a new deal with the club and never wants to leave, stated the official Barcelona website.  The…
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Drugs and Sport – Why It’s Not Worth It


Whether it is a performance-enhancing drug or recreational drug, doping in sport is frowned upon and dealt with very seriously. One of my former tutors at King’s College, Jonathan Taylor, was one of the lawyers at the tribunal for Martina Hingis’ trial. She had tested positive for cocaine and the subsequent ban that resulted effectively…
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Tebucky Jones Attempts to Recover One Last Fumble

tebucky jones

Former Connecticut HS phenom, SU stand-out and Super Bowl Champ, Tebucky Jones, filed suit against a former employer for not providing an accurate medical diagnosis with regards to his career ending injury. Mr. Jones alleged that the New England Patriots fumbled when they did not inform him he suffered a severe tear to his knee…
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MLS: Quality of Play Reflects Quality of Pay

The Major League Soccer Players Union released salary information for each player in the league.  Considered a second tier professional soccer league, the MLS has received substantial amounts of criticism and scrutiny in the media, particularly due to the quality of play. There is not a phrase more fitting than, “you get what you pay…
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MLB Investigating Role Of Agents With PEDs

What took them so long?  As sports agents, we have a fiduciary duty to act in our clients’ best interests at all times.  That includes informing them of the ramifications of abusing an illegal substance.  It also means that we can’t be pushing or selling performance enhancing drugs to our clients.  All of us would…
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“It’s the Best Decision I’ve Made So Far”


In a report on HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, Star Point Guard Brandon Jennings acknowledges that his year overseas hasn’t gone quite as he had planned. But he continues to insist that he’s happy with the decisions and choices he has made. When Gumbel asked Jennings whether he was glad he decided to play in…
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2009 Portsmouth Invitational Tournament Info

portsmouth invitational

The Portsmouth Invitational Tournament (PIT) serves as a yearly showcase for college seniors who are looking for another opportunity to show their skills in front of NBA scouts.  This year’s PIT will be held this week, from April 8-11 and as always, will be held in Portsmouth, Virginia.  Many scouts, agents, and fringe NBA draft…
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Andrew Johnson Is The Fastest Running Back In This Year’s Draft

andrew johnson

This Tuesday, the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints sent some scouts to Akron to do their own personal workouts with some of the players.  We have some very exciting news to report. Dynasty client, Andrew Johnson, was told by the Indianapolis scout that he had the fastest timed 40 for any running back that…
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Marvin Harrison vs. Torry Holt

Marvin Harrison Torry Holt

Marvin Harrison vs. Torry Holt So there are two of the all-time greatest receivers still left out there in free agency, wondering to themselves…Why isn’t anyone giving us a chance? The question boggles my mind just the same. Here, I will break down these two future hall of famers by the statistics, their careers up…
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