Teams in Transition

Although the transfer window may be shut, it hasn’t stopped the drama for many club executives involved in English football. Newcastle United, owned by Mike Ashley, was recently relegated from the FA Premier League’s top division after spending some time at the bottom of league. It goes without mentioning that

Drugs and Sport – Why It’s Not Worth It

Whether it is a performance-enhancing drug or recreational drug, doping in sport is frowned upon and dealt with very seriously. One of my former tutors at King’s College, Jonathan Taylor, was one of the lawyers at the tribunal for Martina Hingis' trial. She had tested positive for cocaine and the

Tebucky Jones Attempts to Recover One Last Fumble

Former Connecticut HS phenom, SU stand-out and Super Bowl Champ, Tebucky Jones, filed suit against a former employer for not providing an accurate medical diagnosis with regards to his career ending injury. Mr. Jones alleged that the New England Patriots fumbled when they did not inform him he suffered a