The Land of Second Chances

With the recent reinstatement of Oregon RB LeGarrette Blount, the era of second chances continues in the world of sports. America is and always has been a land of second chances. Throughout America’s history, immigrants have fled from persecution, whether it be religious, racial, or economic, to start anew in the

Hope Will Rise…

As India prepares to pick up the pieces from the horrific attacks in Mumbai last week, the world sends their collective thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims and a hope that an end to such senseless acts of violence will one day run its course.  10 men,

Giving Thanks For Opportunity

Ah, Thanksgiving.  The one true American holiday where everyone, regardless of race, religion or creed, come together to celebrate and give thanks for the simple fact of being American.  It is a holiday chock full of tradition, turkey and football as well as the holiday that allows us to eat

Sports Agent With Political Ambitions

New columnist, Zach Miller, loves to talk about the tie-in of politics with sports.  While there are many connections between the two subjects, one rarely hears about a sports agent getting into the world of lobbying and promises (I am talking about politics here!).  When I am asked about

Hockey Mom-ents of Weakness

With the election 3 weeks behind us, a new administration building their cabinet and Senator McCain’s forthcoming meeting with President-elect Obama to discuss a way to ensure that the United States has an efficient and effective government to represent it, one thing remains on the minds of every American from

Nostalgic Economics

As I sit on the front porch of my house listening to the cheers of the high school football stadium that rests less then a hundred yards from my home, I cannot help but to feel a sense of nostalgia and longing for those blissful, care-free days.  Sitting in the


My man Chris Linn, VP of Marketing at InsideVenture and currently working on a cool new social networking utility focusing on the college lifestyle passed along the above video about a month ago. He worked on its creation along with some others. I thought that the message was

Philly-ing Out Your Ballot

On July 4th, 1776, the city of Philadelphia was ground zero for the experiment that was to be known as American Democracy; a beautiful idea that would give the people of this new society a voice to be heard, a haven to practice religion freely, and the unprecedented opportunity to elecPt