Product Review: Deuce Brand Watches

Product Review by University of Miami law school student and Wolfe Law Miami, P.A. law clerk, Amber Wilson. Follow her @aywilson. Let me start off by disclosing that I am a Miami Heat fan (disclaimer: if you live in Boston, or just about anywhere with an area code other than 305, don’t give

Review of Moon Costumes

Sponsored Post: With only two months until Halloween, it is smart to start thinking about what you are going to be dressing up as.  1) It starts to become more of a topic of conversation as the date approaches, 2) It is cheaper to buy a costume well in advance of

INTRODUCING: The Sports Agent Directory

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Product Review: Bring TIM!

Sometimes simple is best.  And when you name your product, Bring TIM!, you are probably thinking along those lines.  For anyone named Tim that is reading this post, my former statement was not meant to be taken as an insult. Anyway, while reading one of my favorite websites (, I found