Holiday Product Review: Flip MinoHD

Flip MinoHD

For as long as I can remember, there are two things that I can’t stand about November: 1) The fact that I have to start buckling down and think about studying for Final Exams, and 2) That my parents and grandmother will ask me every day what I want to receive for Hanukkah.  Sure, I…
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Product Review: Motorola Endeavor HX1


Traditionally, we have reviewed sports-related products and services on (examples: ProPlayerVideo, Church Hill Classics Athletic Framing, Under Armour Speed Trainer); however, that does not mean that our readers are not interested in products from other industries.  In fact, based on our demographic data, I would bet that most of you are huge fans of…
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Gatorade Gets An Attitude

In the middle of November, I received an awkward email. I’m reaching out to you on behalf of one my clients, a well know brand in the sports industry.  My client would like to send you a special package that only exclusive bloggers, like yourself, are getting.  If you’re interested, please send me your mailing…
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Product Review: Church Hill Classics Athletic Framing

LSU frame

When it comes to sports collectibles, I am not one to heavily marvel over an autograph from a superstar.  Instead, I enjoy pictures of athletes and sports landscapes…they truly do tell a thousand words.  There is nothing quite like getting that perfect picture, paying the money to get it nicely framed, and then throwing it…
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Product Review: WallMonkeys

Dynasty WallMonkey

I first heard about WallMonkeys when Darren Rovell featured it as 2007’s winter season holiday gift of the year. I had seen FatHead commercials over and over again and had long wondered who the hell purchased the things. Personally, I do not want to post up a life-size image of Troy Aikman or Mike Piazza…
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Product Review: Under Armour Speed Trainer

We have done various kinds of reviews on this site in the past. There are book reviews, law review article reviews, and sponsored reviews of various websites. has decided to start a new category of reviews that will look at various products in the world of sport. We actually first informally reviewed a product…
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