Yo Momma!

Ask any Sports Agent, and they will probably confirm the fact that in a majority of cases, it is vital to win over an athlete’s parents in order to sign a representation agreement contract. It is understandable how this simple fact can be overlooked by many agents while they reach out solely to the athlete […]

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Great Expectations

Re-watching our favourite show Entourage the other day made me realize what I think is one of the most important aspects of being a sports agent. Super Agent Ari Gold summed it up perfectly. Manage your clients expectations Pretty self explanatory but so critical. Basically, don’t go promising the world to your client if you […]

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Interview with Andrew Goodwin of

Andrew Goodwin is the co-founder of a new online venture called Along with his partner, Burton Rocks, Mr. Goodwin has plans to change the landscape of recruiting athletes that aim to participate in American professional sports. is a database and online sports community intended to help Sports Agents, scouts, and coaches discover athletic […]

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Would You Like a Cuban Cigar With That Pitcher?

Americans have been smuggling Cuban items into the country since the formation of the Cuban Embargo. The latest item: professional baseball players.  Gustavo “Gus” Dominguez has been charged for paying aides to illegally bring Cuban players to California with the end goal being that they get signed by MLB teams [Feds charge agent with smuggling […]

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No Tolerance Policy

This past Friday, Sports Agent Charles Taplin was arrested for trying to gain information about and contact student athletes at Louisiana State University [LSUPD charges ‘agent’ in WCA]. The arrest is for “violating a Louisiana law that regulates sports agents and their contact with athletes.” But the story gets worse. Travelle Gaines, an assistant strength […]

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Upshaw: New Recruiting Rules?

Gene Upshaw, exec. director of the NFLPA, has recently stated his desire to change the rules on agents recruiting of college football players. Currently, agents are not able to sign a player or give a player anything of monetary value without that player losing his/her NCAA eligibility, but there are no rules against an agent […]

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Is It Really Worth It?

People say that agents giving financial goodies to potential clients is much worse in football than any other sport. The Reggie Bush scandal that seemed to be locked away from the media for a while has just hit the surface again due to a new Yahoo! report, which suggests that Bush’s family did in fact […]

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Analysis of “Maybe Jerry Maguire Should Have Stuck With Law School: How The Sports Agent Responsibility and Trust Act Implements Lawyer-Like Rules For Sports Agents”

This post is officially crowned as having the longest title ever! Anyway, once again, hat tip to Sports Law Blog for contributing its Sports Law Scholarship program and finding a gem for this blog to post some analysis on. The Law Review article under discussion is called: Maybe Jerry Maguire Should Have Stuck With Law […]

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Want to be an NBA agent? Part II

This post will serve as part II to the original post: Want to be an NBA agent? created on January 12, 2006. The impetus for creating another post on this topic was formed by an article from [Ready for the big time]. Here are some of the important points in the article that may […]

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Is Being A Sports Agent Rocket Science?

Last night on ESPN’s Outside The Lines, the agent situation for three athletes was examined. These 3 topics were discussed: 1. Vince Young’s selection of Major Adams as his agent 2. Lance Berkman’s original selection of his father as his agent 3. The agent selection process for Jonathan Vilma 1. Vince Young’s selection of Major […]