Real Madrid Sign Referee

Florentino Perez, ambitious president of Real Madrid, just loves shopping. He loves it so much that he purchased a referee. The transfer window is shut and Perez can no longer bid for players, so instead he lured Carlos Megia Davila, veteran referee of the Primera Division.  As a referee

Transitioning Athletes Need Help

Whether you represent a Minor League player or a advise a clubhouse leader at an MLB team for over a decade, will you be there for him once his professional baseball career is over?  Helping your clients transition from baseball players to other professions might not be a service listed

Athletes Intern Too

With the average NFL career lasting about three and a half years, players have to worry about their post-playing careers.  Athletes often seek employment in the sports industry, because most of the time it’s all they’ve ever known.  Many agents make a long-term commitment to their clients by continuing to

Morgan Keegan Loses An ARM and A Leg

The struggling economy caused a serious financial hit in many sectors. Knowing this, some people still seem to believe that the sports industry is immune to the rigid economy.  Others claim that fans will not attend games or watch sports when athlete salaries remain so high. The average NFL salary rose to

Strahan Forming New Career on Small-Screen

Former New York Giants superstar, Michael Strahan, is set to co-star alongside Darryl Mitchell in the new comedy series, "Brothers", which will debut as part of Fox's new fall lineup.  Strahan will pretty much be playing himself...a former NFL player.  His character will be moving back into his mother's home

Everyone Wants To Be Like Magic Johnson

By the time they have been retired for two years, 78% of former NFL players have gone bankrupt or are under financial stress because of joblessness or divorce. Within five years of retirement, an estimated 60% of former NBA players are broke. Read the long and very informative SI piece: How (and

School Is in Session

It may be the off season, but some NFL players are stilling putting in hours.  Almost 100 NFL players enrolled in the 2009 NFL Business Management and Entrepreneurial Program, part of the NFL and the NFLPA's efforts to prepare players for their post-playing careers.  Since the program's inception in 2005,

Blood Equity / No Forgotten Legends (NFL)

There are many players who suffer after their days of playing professional sports are over. The extreme cases come in the form of being paralyzed or having extremely damaged brain tissue (ex: Andre Waters). Instead of forgetting about our clients once they are through providing us with the big-time commissions,