Social Media in the Sports Agency Industry

The following guest contribution was written by Jacob Cohen (@jco5190), who interned in the Athlete Marketing and Client Representation at Octagon Football. As social media outlets become more and more abundant in the business world, those who fail to adapt will be left at a considerable disadvantage.  In the cutthroat world

Top 10 Sports Agents to Follow on Twitter

At this stage in the social media “game,” casual and passionate Twitter users know how to find their favorite athletes on the Twittersphere. In fact, Twitter has become infamous as a place where athletes, to their benefit and detriment, share their innermost thoughts. Many athletes have extended their brand recognition

Twitter Education: The Responsibility of a University to Prepare its Athletes

The following is a guest contribution from Heather Brittany (@HeatherBrit).  Heather is currently a law student at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles and Sports Chair of its Entertainment & Sports Law Society. The internet is littered with stories of university coaches banning their players from tweeting.  Most recently, South Carolina football

Business Moves Your NBA Player Should Make As Soon As He’s Drafted

The following is a guest contribution by Brian Heidelberger.  Information about Mr. Heidelberger is located at the bottom of this post. The NBA draft is right around the corner and whatever number your player is picked, he’s going to have to pick up not only his game, but also his business

Todd Reynolds Will Not Be Representing Any Homosexual Hockey Players

Todd Reynolds is Vice President of hockey agency Uptown Sports Management.  Todd Reynolds is rightfully getting blasted by the media for his Tweets regarding Sean Avery's support of same-gender marriage. Usually we cover athletes using social media for wrong reasons.  This time it is an agency Tweeting without care about how those

On To The Next One: Nick Swisher

A few days ago, it was first reported that Nick Swisher left long time Cincinnati, Ohio based agent, Joe Bick of Pro Star Management, Inc for Scott Boras.  Part of that was correct.  Swisher did leave Bick, but actually left him for Dan Lozano.  Lozano has not slept much lately;