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Olympic Sports Getting Some Love

It is quite likely that the majority of readers have not been tuning into the Versus television network as of late to catch the IAAF World Track and Field Championships being held in Osaka, Japan this week. That aside, the fact that the coverage even exists, and happens to be as extensive as it has […]

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The FedEx Cup: Where Birdies Become Annuities

You needn’t have a Ph.D. to understand the PGA Tour’s FedEx Cup points system, which was used to formulate the field for this year’s first-ever, year-end “playoffs” to crown the Tour’s inaugural Cup “champion.” But it wouldn’t hurt. And an underpinning of the Tour’s latest marketing endeavor does require at least a rudimentary understanding of […]

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The Value of Character In The World of Sports

“There [are] a lot of players with a lot of talent, but some don’t have character, and who we really don’t want to be involved with. The great thing about success in business, you really philosophically choose your clients, and also say no to others.” Scott Boras made that statement in a great story (that […]

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Welcoming a New “Mid-Major”

Mid-majors, or those agencies that lie somewhere between a small, young boutique firm manned by one or two rookie agents and the industry giants that tend to frequently be the talk of the town (IMG, Wasserman Media Group, Blue Equity, Octagon, etc.) seem to be pervasive in the industry. In fact, I would certainly consider […]

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Is CSMG Still The Place To Be?

CSMG recently acquired Arizona Cardinals quarterback and budding actor, Matt Leinart, but the company has seen a big downsizing ever since. To put it plainly, and directly from the mouth of Liz Mullen at [CSMG] has terminated its CEO, laid off several employees, saw its founder step down as chairman of the board of […]

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Saying Adieu to Freddy Adu

Now if there’s one Major League Soccer player that it is fair to say that a large percentage of even Americans have heard of, aside from Mr. Beckham of course, it’s got to be Freddy Adu. Many people use betting platforms like Footstock (Check out this Footstock review for more details) just to bet on […]

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Gandolfini / Vaccaro: There Is No Retiring From This

Sad that The Sopranos is over? Upset that you will never be able to see Tony Soprano on HBO followed by Johnny Drama and Ari Gold? Turn that frown upside down, because James Gandolfini is coming back to HBO…in the form of a sports agent? Gandolfini will be playing Sonny Vaccaro in ABCD Camp [Gandolfini’s […]

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Does Money Grow On The Sports Agent Tree?

On May 10, 2006, I referenced an article from that noted the annual salary growth in the 4 major American sports since 1990 [Player Salary Growth = Agent Salary Growth]. Each sport has seen a rise in average salary of over 9% during that timespan. The hope is that a consequence of such rise […]

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International Master In Management, Law, And Humanities of Sport

I often receive emails from some of our avid readers inquiring about the various academic opportunities available for sports programs. I would like to share a very special one with all of you. It is known as the “FIFA Master.” The program is about 7 years old and has made a huge impact on the […]

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Dissecting Jerry Maguire’s Mission Statement – Part 5

This is the last breakdown for the entire week. I hope that you have enjoyed my breakdown of Jerry Maguire’s Mission Statement. I had a great time reading it in its entirety and loved sharing with you all some of my thoughts. If you would like to skip this segment and just read the whole […]