The UFL Is Destined For Darkness

The writing was on the wall.  When it was announced earlier this year that the United Football League's (UFL) training camp would be suspended for 30 days and its regular season games were pushed back a month, I started to wonder just how much longer the fledgling league had in it.  The

Miami Booster Claims UFL Commissioner Provided Benefits To Student-Athletes

When the United Football League (UFL) was just beginning at the tail end of 2007, Michael Huyghue was asked to become the new league's Commissioner.  Huyghue's résumé spoke for itself.  He was Senior Vice President of Football Operations for the Jacksonville Jaguars prior to becoming the President and CEO of a successful Jacksonville, Florida

United Football League’s Woes Continue

In the past couple of days, many football players have been informed that training camp for the United Football League (UFL) will be suspended for 30 days.  While training camp will be shortened, the UFL had originally stated that the move will not affect the UFL season schedule, including the number of games

2011 UFL Standard Player Contracts

Agents who had their clients selected in the 2011 UFL Draft should be happy that their players are safe from the great mystery of NFL football under the current lockout.  They will likely have their clients sign a United Football League Standard Player Contract (embedded below), which will be effective

Agents Upset At UFL For Non-Payment Of Agent Fees

Over the weekend, I spoke with quite a few agents who are very upset with the United Football League (UFL).  This time, it has absolutely nothing to do with the UFL's $150,000 transfer fee.  Instead, agents are up in arms about the UFL's slow process in paying out agent fees.