UFL’s $150,000 Transfer Fee Has A Victim

On November 22, I talked about the United Football League's $150,000 Transfer Fee, which is embedded into Section 3(b)(iv) of the UFL Uniform Player Contract.  The fee is only being applied to NFL teams that wish to sign a UFL player directly to their active rosters.  It may be waived

The UFL Made A Good Decision To Block The NFL From Nick Novak

The United Football League's (UFL) Mission Statement reads, "The UFL provides high-quality professional football during a traditional fall season while embracing innovation and fan interaction.  The UFL serves its local communities with pride and dedication, and aims to provide every fan with an exciting and memorable game experience.  The inaugural 2009

Updated UFL Tryouts

Yesterday, I received an email from the UFL about the relaunch of their website (the site happens to look MUCH better), which has a new link section for all upcoming individual team tryouts.  Clicking on an open tryout link will lead you to registration, location, playing surface, lodging, contact, and

Want To Be A UFL Agent?

Want to be a registered agent in the newly formed United Football League (UFL)?  In the past, there was a simple single sheet questionnaire to fill out, but many potential agents complained about never hearing back from the UFL about their status.  Things have changed.  If you want to be

New York Sentinels To Hold Open Tryout

As UFL teams continue to announce more signings by the day, there are still quite a few openings for talented players to join the league.  One team, in particular, is looking to unearth some talent in an open tryout to be held this Sunday, September 6th.  The New York Sentinels