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Agent Spotlight: Glenn Toby

The National Urban league hands out the Leadership Achievement Award each year during its annual conference in Atlanta, GA. This year, it gave the award to Glenn Toby, Sports Agent & CEO of Total Entertainment Athlete Management and Infinite Sports Concepts. He runs an organization called The Book Bank Foundation, which helps to improve literacy […]

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Rosenhaus Represents T.K.?

Your next question may be, “Who is T.K.?”  All the way back on January 2nd, 2006, I looked at how Drew Rosenhaus virtually answered every question posed to him at a Terrell Owens press conference with “next question.”  Burger King (and T.K. – The King) now looks to take advantage of the phrase that once […]

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Social Networking to Win Good Press!

Today I would like to introduce to you an athlete who uses his MySpace page to reach out to his fans and further promote his charity affiliations. For an NFL rookie, he seems to know a little bit more about keeping a good image than many seasoned veterans. His name is Reggie Bush, and he […]

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Is The Best Yet to Come?

Mark Steinberg of IMG believes that Tiger Woods can still become a bigger star. He started working with Tiger Woods in 1998 (2 years into his professional career). Sports Business Radio did an interview with Tiger’s agent on August 26th, and here are some highlights of the conversation: What makes Tiger so marketable? He plays […]

Nightmare Clients of the Week

Nightmare Clients for the Week of August 20th-August 27th

1. Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones of the Tennessee Titans got into a fight at a nightclub and was arrested on charges of assault and felony vandalism after damaging the club owner’s $4,000 necklace [‘Pacman’ Jones arrested; Winslow II enters plea]. Slow week for professionals violating the law.  Nice to see no Cincinnati Bengals in the news!  […]

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Newsflash: College Sports are a money machine

Money is everywhere in college sports.  It was recently reported that the Big 12 has spent nearly $1.6 billion dollars on facility projects since its formation in 1996.  Below lists the top 5 universities by operating profit in 2005 (since total 2006 dollars have yet to be reported).   University of Georgia  $23.9 million University […]

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You Won’t Push Your Dad Down The Stairs…

After creating the “Social Networking” category on this website, I was wondering if I would ever have a 2nd post on the subject after this general post about Clients on Social Networking Sites.  Jeremy Barfield has finally given me a second post on the subject…although the story is terrible.  After pushing his dad (ex Toronto […]

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Nightmare Agent of the Week!

Usually this blog will weekly highlight a player or group of players that have done something that would make an agent cringe.  This post examines the story of an agent, that should make anybody cringe. David Frost was an NHL agent that quit the profession after becoming the target in a murder-for-hire plot involving one […]

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Scotty Doesn’t Know?

I highly doubt that Scott Boras does not know the power that he wields in the Sports Agent business. Carlos Lee has been the most recent addition to Boras’s arsenal of Major League Baseball clients after Lee decided to leave his agent, Adam Katz [Power play? Carlos Lee picks Boras as new agent]. In July, […]

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Fiduciary Duty

Looking over the history of posts on this blog, I was surprised to find very little content relating to an agent’s fiduciary duty to act in the best interest of his/her client at all times.  Fiduciary duty is a term which means that there exists a special relationship where trust, confidence, or responsibility to others […]