Stanford…the Harvard of the West…with a 0.157 alcohol level…

Check this post out! While this may have absolutely nothing to do with being a Sports Agent, I find it to be ridiculously funny. As a HUGE fan of mascots, the Stanford Tree (Cardinal) ranks up there with the Syracuse Orangeman and Cocky, the South Carolina mascot. Shame on you, Stanford tree. Shame on you. […]

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SPARTA – not the Greek city

SPARTA stands for “The Sports Agent Responsibility and Trust Act,” and along with the UAAA (Universal Athlete Agent Act), it is an important document to become accustomed to. Of SPARTA’s three primary objectives, I find the second objective to be the most important. Its second objective places violations of the act under the jurisdiction of […]

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Alfonso Soriano’s arbitration case

So with the client only winning 40% of arbitration cases, it should not be suprising the Alfonso Soriano (now of the Washington Nationals) lost his hearing for $12 million per year. In baseball, Final Offer Arbitration is used, which has the team and player both submit their “final offers” to the panel of three arbitrators, […]

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Arbitration…good or bad?

This post seems apropos since it is February, and February is the season for abritration. In a previous post titled, “Want to be an MLB agent? (Part I…of many)”, arbitration in baseball was briefly discussed. It was noted that: A player may become eligible for salary arbitration one of two ways: A player with less […]

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Are all of us crazy?!?!?!

Probably, but I still will not give up my drive to become the best Sports Agent that has ever existed. All of the signs tell us “Future Sports Agents” that we statistically have a very small chance of being successful at all (and that is with defining success as having one client). So why does […]

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Early $ for Leinart

I was a little disappointed with the quality of the commercials in this year’s Super Bowl. I may have some of a bias because I was mad about my proposition bet with my friends that I lost (I said that the first commercial after the kickoff would not be a “drink” commercial…who would’ve guessed it […]

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Agent Spotlight: Bill Henkel

This was written today as part of Darren Rovell’s post on his ESPN Sports Business blog: IMG announced on Tuesday that it received a temporary restraining order against former employee Bill Henkel. The company says Henkel violated his employment contract by soliciting clients to leave the agency to come with his new sports marketing business. […]

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Agent Spotlight: David Dunn

So the Sports Law Blog that I am fond of, is finally taking some notice to the Sports Agent business. This post by the Sports Law site, references a Sports Business Journal article (I do not have access to it…anybody want to buy me a subscription?…please…), which speaks about David Dunn’s past, present, and possible […]

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Agent Spotlight: Mark Stevens Part II

A quick look at our recent hits chart shows a heavy increase in the daily exposure of this site. A lot of the new traffic is coming from referrals on search engines to the search query of “Mark Stevens.” Back on January 3rd, I decided to take a look at Basketball Agent Mark Stevens and […]

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Representation of “Cyber Athletes”?

On Sunday, 60 minutes ran a story on Johnathan Wendel, who they proclaim is the best video gamer in the world. He makes his living playing video games, has been a pro for 6 years, and has won over $300,000 from tournaments alone. But how is this a sport and where is the money to […]