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Book Review: Representing the Professional Athlete

It is highly enjoyable to read books by sports agents that highlight their life experiences (see: A Shark Never Sleeps, License to Deal, Taking Shots, etc.  I also like to hear negotiating tips from those in the business who have had immense success in their careers (see: Winning With Integrity, Never Make the First Offer).  […]



This is a guest contribution by Louis Feldman. Louis is an NFLPA Registered Player Financial Advisor located in the State of Florida and is the owner of Pro Athlete Advisor. You can also find Louis on Twitter: @PlayerAdvisor AS WE BEGIN 2010, there are many New Year’s Resolutions which we sometimes consider for ourselves; i.e., […]

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Is It Time For The Chicago Bulls To Clean House?

There are some phrases an NBA organization never wants to hear, and “It’s time to clean house” is one of the worst. Unfortunately, the Chicago Bulls are dangerously approaching this breaking point. After an incredible postseason fight in last year’s playoffs against the Boston Celtics, many saw the Bulls as a young group ready to […]

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PBA Releases Its 2009-10 Media Guide

The PBA (Professional Bowlers Association) just released its 2009-10 Media Guide.  I have embedded a copy at the bottom of this post.  Highlighted as one of the three bowlers on the cover of the Media Guide is Dynasty‘s own Jason Belmonte.  Of interest in the media guide is the remaining 2009-10 PBA Tour schedule, full […]

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Rookie Duties: On Location at the Marlies Holiday Classic

This was written last night by Scott Deady. First of all, I hope you all had a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and seeing as how I’m in Canada, a Happy Boxing Day. Just a few minutes ago, I walked back into my hotel room after another long but productive day in Toronto. The last few […]

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Brandon Brown Making The Highlight Reel

When Brandon Brown originally contacted me about his desire to play professional basketball, I told the college Junior that it was in his best interest to seek out his options, but that it may be worth it to stay in school and obtain his degree before seeing what opportunities were out there for him.  Brown […]

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Algie Management, LLC v. VSM Sports

A quick read through the NFLPA’s Active Player Agent List, and no “Gregory Williams” or variation of that name is found.  But there is good reason for that.  However, on his company’s website, VSM Sports, Williams lists a few active clients including Bertrand Berry, Ahmad Brooks, Terrence Holt, Torry Holt, and Gerard Ross.  The NFLPA […]

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Angels, Rodney Make a Deal

Former Tigers reliever Fernando Rodney and the LA Angels have reached an agreement on a 2-year, $11 million contract. Rodney is a type B free agent, which means that the Tigers will be receiving a supplementary draft pick. Honestly, I believe that the Angels got a very good deal. Rodney is a solid reliever and […]

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Athlete Infidelity Creates New Opportunities

Many people across the world just finished spending Christmas with their families, eating good food, sharing good stories, and remembering that there is nothing more important than cherishing their loved ones.  Maybe those experiences will let people forget about the small number of athletes who give themselves a bad name (I’m looking at you, Tiger), […]

Friday Wrap-Up

Shabbat Shalom: Friday Wrap-Up (12/25/09)

Merry Christmas to those who will not be celebrating Shabbat tonight.  Movies and Chinese Food?  As December 31 approaches, I have to think back to December 31, 2005, when I decided to create this very site and made a New Year Resolution to update it at least once every weekday.  I appreciate everything this site […]