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DEC Management Signs Iowa State’s JaQuan Bailey

Iowa State’s record-setting defensive end joins the growing class of college football players electing to forgo their COVID-gifted extra year of eligibility to declare for the 2021 NFL draft. Anticipating draft day, the redshirt senior JaQuan Bailey officially took pen to paper to sign with DEC Management, a global leader in athlete management, for his […]

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Free Online Course: Representing The Professional Athlete

Peter Carfagna’s online course titled “Representing The Professional Athlete” is back for a second round on Coursera. The six-week course, which begins March 11, will take students through the four stages of the professional athletes career. Utilizing lectures, guest speakers and hypothetical walkthroughs, students will learn how the best sports agents manage each of these […]

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Andrew Bogut’s Foray Into Representation

Andrew Bogut knows that he isn’t going to play basketball forever. He understands that he’s going to need a post-basketball career and has already started the process of figuring out what he wants to do. Last year Bogut bought into the management company of his agent Bruce Kaider – One Management Group and Consulting. Having […]

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Steve Caric Under Investigation In Nevada

Two days ago, I wrote about football agent Steve Caric making a name for himself as a prominent figure in Las Vegas.  Sometimes positive press has negative consequences, as individuals become public figures and regulatory bodies begin to scrutinize their actions. Caric, who has five NFL Draft eligible clients, including University of Washington’s Mason Foster, who is […]

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$1.5 Million + Mark McCormack’s Archives Goes To UMass Amherst

I am slightly jealous of future University of Massachusetts at Amherst students who are interested in the business of sports, because at they will have the archives of Mark H. McCormack at their fingertips.  Eventually, all of us may be able to access McCormack’s archives, as the school gradually digitizes his collection, but for the […]

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Why I Decided To Enter The World Of Athlete Representation

Sometimes I am asked the question, “Why did you decide to enter the world of athlete representation?”  It is a loaded question that is extremely difficult to answer. Up until high school, the plan was to become a doctor.  You know that put a smile on my Jewish mother’s face.  When I realized that I […]

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Sports Agents Interfering With Contractual Relations

Ever since I first thought about entering this industry, one thing I have been told time and time again by those within and outside of the athlete representation business is that sports agents never sleep.  It’s not that they are working 24/7, it is that they are so worried that their best clients will be […]

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Agencies Not Only Representing Athletes

One common misperception of many of the largest sports agencies is that they only focus on, or even spend a majority of their time and earn most of their revenues through, the representation athletes in their contractual negotiations.  For instance, IMG, which was founded in 1960 as a company that focused on representing athletes, has evolved into […]

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Making Yourself Available

As most of us know, being an agent is a 24/7 job. One obstacle that I encountered while attempting to conduct informational interviews with various agencies, was being able to actually talk to the agent instead of a secretary or leaving a voicemail . I made phone calls to over twenty-five different agencies in and around […]

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No Longer A Sports Agent – Now An Athlete Advocate

Yesterday something clicked and made me renounce my title as sports agent.  Since starting in this business, I was never too fond of the phrase.  What exactly is a ‘sports agent’ anyway?  After taking Business Organizations Law as a 2L in law school, I could give you a 5 page definition of ‘agent’.  Instead, I’ll […]